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Employee communication ~ 1 min

How Coca-Cola Euro Pacific Partners engages & connects with its 22 000 employees in Europe

Discover how Coca-Cola Euro Pacific Partners engages & connects with its 22 000 employees in Europe.

Social selling ~ 1 min

Generali Transforms Its Sales Network into Expert Social Advisors

Global industries, including insurance, aim for personalized approaches in agent-client interactions.

Social selling ~ 1 min

Webinar with Toshiba on social selling

Discover how the company has engaged B2B sales teams in this social selling initiative.

~ 1 min

Webinar with Roche Laboratories

How to tap into the incredible reach of your employees, build your brand image, and boost internal communication?

Employee advocacy ~ 1 min

How employee advocacy will sink or save your social business

Traditional barriers between consumers and brands vanish; companies must embrace new availability.

Employee advocacy ~ 1 min

Top 10 Employee Advocacy Mistakes to Avoid

Companies realize employee advocacy’s key role in social media and adapting to a connected workforce and customer base.

Employee advocacy ~ 1 min

Webinar with Mazars

Mazars truly excelled at igniting a powerful wave of thought leadership by harnessing the potential of employee advocacy.

Employee advocacy ~ 1 min

Webinar with Renault Group

Engaging Your Workforce and Magnifying Corporate Content with Employee Advocacy.

Employee advocacy ~ 1 min

Webinar with SNCF

How SNCF implemented an internal network of ambassadors to increase organic reach through employee advocacy.

Employee advocacy ~ 1 min

Employee Advocacy: An Authentic Alternative to High Media Investment

In a digital age, paid media is costly. With 96% distrust in ads, consider employee-driven brand amplification on a budget.

Employee engagement ~ 1 min

Webinar with ExterionMedia

Discover how ExterionMedia transformed internal communication, empowering employees for true engagement.

Employee communication ~ 1 min

The Missing Link in Your Employee Communications

Elevate your employee communication strategy for today’s digital world. Stand out amid giants like Facebook and LinkedIn.