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Content creation

Highlight key messages with impactful content.

Make sure the key corporate information produced by the head office is effectively seen by your employees.

Create Snackable Content

Create photos, videos, and audio content with impactful storytelling to drive engagement. Admins have access to other formats, such as quizzes, surveys, calls to action, etc.
Create your content

Highlight Important Content

Ensure the visibility of content for those who need it most. Admins can pin content that must be seen by everyone and can create campaigns to measure performance.

Classify Your Content

Create themed channels accessible to all, or to specific audiences. Employee communication tools allow you to give visibility for your content to the right employees and increase engagement.
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Multi-Channel Communication

Inform your employees in real time.

Simplified employee access to your important content with multiple touch points via a single employee communication app.
For Employee Communication

Inform through an App

Customize your branded app and inform your employees with your latest news easily and instantly thanks to a snackable and engaging content hub.
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Push with Notifications

Enable mobile alerts and send read receipt notifications to make sure your important content is seen and your employees are informed.
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Update via a Safe Chat

Share sensitive company news with your employees in a secure environment. It also helps you keep your frontline workers instantly aligned with HQ.
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Spread by Newsletters

Create your newsletter with suggested content, branded templates, and targeted options to make sure the right information goes to the right employees.
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Information comprehension

Make sure your messages are understood.

Streamline global communication by automating content translation, implementing e-Learning quizzes for employee education, and fostering a connected community for seamless collaboration.

Automate Content Translation

Make your content understandable in all languages. Regardless of the original language of your content, it will be translated instantly, with just one click.

Launch e-Learning Initiatives

Create multiple-choice quizzes in order to educate and test employees’ knowledge and understanding of a training session or important company news.

Develop Employee Community

Use a single hub where you can access company information, ask questions, and share feedback with other employees for a better understanding.
Communication culture

Build a transparent communication culture.

With the rise of remote work, still keep your employees aligned with a strong communication culture.
Employee engagement

Gamify and measure employee engagement.

Highlight your internal initiatives in a fun way and measure the impact thanks to Sociabble’s employee communication software.
For Employee Communication

Engage through Play

Launch internal challenges that draw attention to important content and encourage employees to achieve specific actions.
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Reward Employees

Reward your employees using points, badges, or a reforestation program, when they support company initiatives.
Boost recognition

Analyze Your Content

Get insights on your most seen and engaging content. These metrics will help you to improve your content strategy and its impact.
Improve content strategy

Measure Engagement

Access a complete dashboard with content engagement metrics. See which individuals and teams are most engaged.
Track engagement


Absolutely! Sociabble can be tailored to echo your brand identity. You can customize the colors, interface, and logos to align with your branding guidelines.

The mobile app’s appearance, logos, and even its name in the store can be personalized. Your login landing page can also be designed to your taste. Plus, you can brand your corporate newsletters with our diverse templates. It’s all about making Sociabble truly yours!

Sociabble supports integration with a variety of software tools via SSO, with native integrations with Azure Active Directory and Okta.

It also integrates with HR or ERP software, such as Workday and SAP SuccessFactor for up-to-date employee data. The platform’s REST architecture facilitates external API integration for social network aggregation and sharing. It can be accessed via your preferred portal, like Salesforce or Teams.

Webhooks allow content redistribution to collaboration tools such as Teams, Slack or Yammer. Our public REST API comes with connectors for PowerAutomate and Zapier, while analytics can be exported to PowerBI, Tableau or as a CSV.

Absolutely, Sociabble is designed for a global workforce.

As a cloud-based platform, it’s accessible anywhere with internet, making it perfect for remote or distributed teams. Our mobile apps for iOS and Android ensure engagement on-the-go, regardless of location.

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Want to see Sociabble in action?

Our experts will answer your questions and guide you through a platform demo.