EdenRed helps commercial teams to become Abassadors thanks to te Sociabble Social Selling Platform

Helping commercial teams become brand ambassadors
with Sociabble social selling

Transforming Sales Teams into Social Sellers with Sociabble

Being present on social media is one thing, but standing out from the crowd is quite another. It was with this key challenge in mind that Edenred France set out to transform its sales teams into social sellers whose activity went beyond the regular sharing of information, and positioned them as thought leaders in their industry. “We didn’t just want our sales teams to be active on social media,” explains Jerome Podevin, Communications Director at Edenred France. “We wanted them to be recognized as experts in their field.”

In order to make this objective a reality, Edenred France has launched a comprehensive social selling initiative designed to transform the way sales teams go about their work. The initiative combines dedicated social selling training for commercial teams, a new editorial strategy fronted by the “Manager Attitude” magazine, and the Sociabble platform, which facilitates sales teams’ access to pertinent, company-approved content ready to share on social media.

Case Study - EdenRed platform

Jerome Podevin - EdenRed
"We didn’t just want our sales teams to be active on social media, we wanted them to be recognized as experts in their field."
Jérôme Podevin
Communications Director
Edenred France
Sociabble Case Study - Motivation & recompenses

Training, Tools, and Editorial Strategy: The Three Pillars of Social Selling at Edenred France

Alongside a new editorial strategy fronted by the “Manager Attitude” magazine, Edenred France has trained commercial teams in social selling – including personal branding, prospection techniques and other best practices. Upon completing this training, individuals have access to the Sociabble platform.

Sociabble aggregates brand and selected third-party content onto themed channels from which social sellers can share on their own social media accounts at the click of a button. Users win points for their sharing activity, and have access to a personal dashboard that tracks individual performance and the engagement generated among end-user audiences. Administrators have access to individual and collective performance metrics.

Brand Communication, User-Generated Content and Market Intelligence: A Winning Combination

Following the launch challenge, Edenred France was able to fine-tune content structure on the Sociabble platform. There are now over 10 themed channels, which include “Manager Attitude” (the company magazine), channels that are themed according to the company’s areas of activity, and a market watch channel for which sharing functionalities are deactivated. “The Sociabble platform’s flexibility is its main advantage,” explains Caroline Sautereau du Part, Social Media and Digital Manager at Edenred France. “We have been able to structure content in light of how the business is organized, as well as the needs of our social sellers.”

With a large number of social sellers in the field, or simply more at ease on mobile devices, the fact that Sociabble is available natively for Android, iOS and Windows Phone is key for Edenred France. So too are the channels dedicated to user-generated content (UGC) and market intelligence. “The fact that sales teams can share insights with each other, and easily access market watch content, means that they are more informed about the industry at large and better prepared for client meetings,” notes Faustine Aziavi, Community Manager at Edenred France.

Tracking Social Selling Performance on an Individual and Collective Basis

Among the KPIs Edenred France follows very closely is the reach generated on social media by sharing activity that is carried out on Sociabble. Platform administrators receive dedicated support from the Sociabble Customer Success team, including KPI Dashboards that detail user engagement metrics, as well as individual and collective performance data. “Being able to measure user engagement, reach on social media and the performance of social selling teams is essential for us,” notes Podevin.

The next step for Edenred France is to link social sellers’ activity to lead generation and business results, by integrating the Sociabble platform’s lead tracking metrics with the CRM ecosystem.

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Case Study - EdenRed