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Freshworks Gets 3,000 New Online Leads with Sociabble

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As a business, even when you’re at the top of your field, there’s always room for improvement. Which is why in 2019, the enterprise software giant Freshworks decided to take their sales program even further thanks to a new social media strategy powered by Sociabble.

Being at the Top Means Staying at the Top. And That Requires Innovation. 

The Challenge: Using the Untapped Potential of Social Media to Build New Leads 

In 2019, enterprise software unicorn Freshworks was already at the head of their field. But they felt there was still untapped potential to build more leads and generate more business with social media. Online, there existed the opportunity to connect with a whole new potential client base. But how could they get their sales team tapped into this new resource? Specifically, the challenges they faced included: 

  • No centralized tool existed for sharing content across social media. 
  • The sales team wanted to be regarded not just as online sellers, but experts across three large software markets. 
  • Content needed to be curated for ease of use, as sellers didn’t always have time to find or create it themselves. 

Freshworks needed the right digital tool for connecting its sales team to social media, and for empowering them as thought leaders in their field with smart, relevant content. And in Sociabble, they found an effective solution.  

To Build Leads Online, the Sales Team Needed the Power to Share. 

The Solutions: A Platform and an Online Sales Strategy that Made Creating, Curating, and Posting Content Simple.  

By partnering with Sociabble, Freshworks was able to incorporate a platform and a strategy that helped turn its sales team into regular contributors and thought leaders online, which translated into lead generation and increased sales. Sociabble’s automatic curation features and one-click sharing made it easy for them to share relevant content across their networks, while creating their own UGC at the same time. Specially, the solutions employed included: 

  • Use of the Sociabble platform and its automated curated content features to distribute relevant news pieces as well as User Generated Content. 
  • Creation of themed channels to make the distribution of content more efficient. 
  • Use of the platform’s mobile app and one-click sharing feature to empower sellers to share on the go. 

The Results? A Mobile-Friendly Platform Coupled with Themed Channels & Curated Content Translated into Thousands of New Leads.  

By launching a platform via Sociabble with easy-to-use mobile and one-click capabilities, and by providing their salesforce with themed channels of curated content, Freshworks was able to boost their efforts online and make both their company and their employees shine on social media, which, in turn, resulted in a huge increase in leads—3,000 leads through Sociabble in 2 years, to be exact, with over 25,000 clicks received on content shared and more than $60,000 in paid media savings. Impressive results, any way you look at it. 

If you’d like to learn more about the power of employee advocacy and social selling for helping rapidly growing businesses, feel free to download our white paper. And if you’d like to learn more about how Sociabble can take your company’s employee communication to the next level, just sign up for a free, personalized demo. We’ve already helped industry leaders around the globe, including brands like Coca-Cola CCEP, Primark, and L’Occitane en Provence, and we’d love to discuss ways we can help your business, too.