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Employee Advocacy: A Challenge with Tremendous Rewards

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Marketing Team Experts in Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy help expand your marketing team, so that it includes all of your employees. Creating a more authentic and receptive voice for your marketing activities.

Employee advocacy involves establishing protocol, teaching employees about personal branding, building interaction, and tracking success.

Employee Training

When starting a program you need to ensure that all employees are on the same page. What are the rules and guidelines? What can I, and What can I not post?

Putting together comprehensive training sessions helps answer these questions, put your employees at ease, and facilitate sharing. 


Getting your employees to participate in sharing initiatives starts from day one. From pre-launch build up, to launch, and beyond you need to have incentives and information in place.

Make sure your employees fully understand the initiative, are excited about it and understand the rewards involved in participating.


In order to show your employees, investors, and higher-up’s the true impact and rewards of employee advocacy you need to have a system of measuring success in place.

It’s therefore important to aggregate data on the engagement of end user audiences and on your advocates as well. This helps track a line between what works and what does not.

Not convinced? Discover tangible employee advocacy stats that prove its effectiveness. You can also discover ways to run an effective employee advocacy program by learning more about social media for advocacy.

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