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Introducing: The Social Wall by Sociabble

Marketing Team, Experts in Employee Advocacy, Sociabble
Marketing Team Experts in Employee Advocacy

Today’s brands have multiple online channels, all of which are bursting with engaging content. But all too often the true potential of this content is not obtained, meaning it does not reach as many people as it really could. All that’s about to change thanks to a new evolution of the Sociabble tool: the Social Wall.

The Social Wall Explained

Like all other forms of Sociabble, the Social Wall aggregates all company communication channels on a single, dynamic interface.

However, unlike Sociabble for private communities, the wall can be embedded in any brand website and is open to all visitors to that site.

Social Wall by Sociabble

Easily integrated using an embed code, the Social Wall provides an additional window into the rich content companies already produce. All website users have access to the platform, letting them view the latest company news, events, and visual elements.

Best part, it is all on a single, self-refreshing interface.

What’s more, the new social tool enables companies to drive social media activity directly from brand websites.

Many possibilities with the Social Wall

As well as viewing content, website users can click to share it on any of their own social networks directly from the wall they’re visiting.

Engaging users in this way is an incredibly powerful way of amplifying reach, also increasing fan engagement and boosting organic visibility.

Like all other forms of Sociabble, the Social Wall additionally provides rich analytics for sharing activity generated on the platform.

Therefore, allowing companies to identify the most engaging types of content, the times of day at which sharing activity is highest, and the total number of sharing actions generated on each social network.

The power of social media and the influence of its users is huge.

Consumer interactions are now the driving force behind brand-oriented conversations.

This is also why the Social Wall makes it easy for social media users to engage with brand content; and for companies to tap into the growing influence of their biggest fans. The Social Wall is available as a stand-alone tool; as well as an additional solution for companies who have already integrated Sociabble for private advocate communities.