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Personal Branding, Self-Promotion and Blowing Your Own Horn

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Communication Team Experts in Internal Communication

How much of personal branding is pure self-promotion? Is it all about showing off how great you are at your job, and how much you know about your industry sector? Well, no.

A large part of personal branding involves sharing and engaging with content that doesn’t concern you personally; but does influence the way in which others perceive you, in terms of interests and expertise.

That said, no personal brand is complete without proof of individual achievement. Though it should never be a case of “me, me, me”, your own experience ought to feature somewhere.

Is Sharing Great Content Enough?

It’s important to remember that the very act of sharing content on social media enables you to boost visibility and credibility. The fact that you communicate about what your company does, and share news about industry ideas and developments, shows that you are engaged in what you do and is, in that respect, a way of showcasing your expertise.

However, this can be taken a step further. Though not always possible (or indeed relevant), adding an introduction that places content in the context of your own day-to-day work can make a big difference.

Maybe you were directly involved in the production of a new company video, the organization of a recent event, or the acquisition of a new client.

When sharing company content that relates to such things, don’t hesitate to make your own involvement clear.

Blatant Self-Promotion

You might think this is blatant self-promotion. But the thing is, there’s nothing wrong with blowing your own trumpet every once in a while. In fact, drawing attention to how you as an individual contribute to the overall success of your company has benefits for all involved.

From an individual point of view, it helps you develop a strong online profile, and positon yourself as an expert in your field. Meanwhile, the knock-on effects for your company are greater transparency, and a stronger employer brand.

Personal Context Increases Engagement

Another key point to bear in mind is that your connections are more likely to engage with content if they understand how it relates to you. If, when sharing the announcement of an upcoming event, you don’t add an introduction, it’s just another post on their news feed.

But if you explain that you are helping to organize the event, your connections know that you are involved; and are more likely to show an interest. This isn’t just important for social sellers. It’s also important for anybody looking to engage social media connections through the content they share. Many people are uncomfortable promoting their own achievements; they don’t want to be perceived as braggers.

Personal branding certainly isn’t about singing your own praises all the time. But it does require you to demonstrate credibility; and the best way to do that is to create a blend of industry awareness, company-specific expertise and personal merit.

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