Sociabble Content Curation

Integrating fresh, relevant, third-party content into Employee Advocacy and Social Selling programs.

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Source and track relevant content.

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Feedly Content Curation

With a clean, minimalist user experience, Feedly makes it easy for teams to work together on the curation of third-party content. The platform’s simple interface has multi-member access, allowing teams to create and collaborate on shared content boards.

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What can it do for you?

With Sociabble content powered by Feedly, you can enable specific teams to work together on content curation. Alternatively, you can use the tool to reward top advocates by inviting them to a select community of content curators.

Content Curation

How it works:


Indeed, Sociabble offers automation features to enhance your efficiency.

With AI-driven content curation and scheduling, as well as real-time analytics, managing employee engagement is a breeze.

By automating routine tasks, Sociabble lets you focus on what matters most: engaging and empowering your employees. Enjoy more productivity with less effort!

Sociabble puts paramount importance on security. We rigorously manage risks using the EBIOS RM method and keep a watchful eye on technology advancements and emerging threats.

All data on Sociabble is encrypted, whether in transit or at rest. We employ secure coding, thorough vulnerability assessments, hackathons, and external audits, ensuring your data is safeguarded.

Rest easy, with Sociabble, your data is in safe hands.

Absolutely, Sociabble allows the creation and management of numerous groups or channels.

This feature aids in organizing content, users, and activities based on chosen criteria like themes, departments, or regions.

You have control over access permissions, content management, and performance monitoring for each group, ensuring optimized engagement.

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