Employee advocacy

How to get your employees to promote your brand with employee advocacy insights
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Empowering Employee Advocacy with Generative AI: A New Era of Engagement

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, generative AI emerges as a beacon of transformative potential. Its applications span across industries,…

Tata Consultancy Services Doubles Its Conversion Rate Thanks to Employee Advocacy
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Tata Consultancy Services Doubles Its Conversion Rate Thanks to Employee Advocacy

Learn how Tata Consultancy Services has harnessed the social media savvy of its own employees, saved hundreds of thousands of…

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Leveraging Employee Advocacy: How to Improve Your Company’s Online Reputation

Few things are more valuable to a business these days than its online reputation. Customers and clients increasingly rely on…

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Nuspire: Building an Impactful Employee Advocacy Strategy in a Sensitive Industry

Cyber security is an industry built on discretion. On keeping secrets. On building relationships with clients who hold you and…

social media advocacy
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Social Media Advocacy: What It Means and Why Your Brand Needs It

Social media has changed the role of marketing and public relations. And while those kinds of activities used to be…

gene couv
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Generali Turns Thousands of its Agents into Expert Social Advisors

With Sociabble, Generali were able to make their agents leaders in online sales and communication.

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What is Social Advocacy: How It Can Benefit Your Workplace?

Social advocacy as a practice makes the world a better place. But it can make your company a better place…

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How employee advocacy will sink or save your social business

The traditional barriers between consumers and brands have begun to evaporate, and it’s more important than ever for companies to…

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Top 10 Employee Advocacy Mistakes to Avoid

Today’s companies are beginning to understand the importance of employee advocacy for maintaining visibility in the social media space as well…

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Employee Advocacy: An Authentic Alternative to High Media Investment

In an increasingly restricted and digitized environment, paid media may represent large investments for some companies. But when you realize…

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Advocacy Marketing: Helping Employees to Become Part of the Program

Advocacy marketing as a concept has been around for years. But what happens when it’s not just customers spreading the…

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How Freshworks’ Salesforce Became Social Selling Champions

Freshworks breaks the mold in the CRM market by becoming social selling champions. Discover their Social Selling journey.

Frequently asked questions

The essentials of employee advocacy

In addition to employee advocacy insights here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Employee advocacy is when employees promote their company on their personal social networks or channels, sharing content, liking updates, and creating company-related posts. This spreads authentic brand awareness, making them trusted online brand ambassadors.

A brand ambassador represents a company, promoting its values, products, and services. They engage with customers, create brand awareness, and help build a positive brand image through various marketing and networking activities.

Brand ambassadors require excellent communication, interpersonal, networking skills, deep brand understanding, and the ability to engage and positively influence others.

Your Klout Score is an indicator of the influence of your social media activity. Via the Klout website you can register your social media accounts and see your level of engagement and influence.
The Social Selling Index, or SSI, is a measure of a salesperson’s social selling skills and sales execution. As the SSI rises we normally see a rise in sales success.
The amount of spending required in order to obtain the same amount of reach and engagement generated by unpaid media sources.
Social Recruitment is recruiting talent by using social platforms as databases or for advertising. Social recruiting uses social media profiles, blogs, and websites to find information on potential candidates.
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