Employee advocacy

How to get your employees to promote your brand with employee advocacy insights

7 Ways Employee Advocacy Empowers Health Sector Growth

From healthcare to health tech to pharma, employee advocacy emerges as a crucial imperative for all.

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 Blog ~ 14 min

The Employee Advocate: A Key Player in Your Modern Business Strategy

There are many ways to spread positive brand awareness in the digital age, with new online platforms and outlets providing…

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Unleashing the Power of Social Influence in Healthcare Marketing

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, human connections matter. It’s a different kind of field, one where consumers want more…

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Social Media & HR: Tools Recruitment Firms Can Use to Find Top Talent

Let’s face it: the role of HR is changing. And in the dynamic landscape of recruitment, the advent of social…

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 Blog ~ 16 min

When announcing an employee advocacy program : before, during and after

Many companies understand the value of an employee advocacy program, and many have considered getting one off the ground. But…

 Client Success Stories ~ 21 min

Capgemini: Scaling Employee Advocacy on a Global Level

An international leader in technology services consulting, Capgemini has 365,000 employees, not to mention clients all over the world. Which…

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Empowering Employee Advocacy with Generative AI: A New Era of Engagement

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, generative AI emerges as a beacon of transformative potential. Its applications span across industries,…

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Leveraging Employee Advocacy: How to Improve Your Company’s Online Reputation

Few things are more valuable to a business these days than its online reputation. Customers and clients increasingly rely on…

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 Client Success Stories ~ 3 min

Athenahealth Uses Employee Advocacy to Promote Brand Awareness & Fill 1,900 Open Positions

A global leader in healthcare technology, athenahealth offers network-enabled services, mobile apps, and data-driven insights for hospitals and medical organizations…

MicrosoftTeams-image (43)
 Client Success Stories ~ 16 min

Nuspire: Building an Impactful Employee Advocacy Strategy in a Sensitive Industry

  Cyber security is an industry built on discretion. On keeping secrets. On building relationships with clients who hold you…

Tata Consultancy Services Doubles Its Conversion Rate Thanks to Employee Advocacy
 Client Success Stories ~ 7 min

Tata Consultancy Services Doubles Its Conversion Rate Thanks to Employee Advocacy

Learn how Tata Consultancy Services has harnessed the social media savvy of its own employees, saved hundreds of thousands of…

 Client Success Stories ~ 4 min

Leboncoin Uses Employee Advocacy to Spread B2B Awareness & Reach 2.6 Million People

In France, Leboncoin has long been a household name, and the place to go to post and seek out classified…

Frequently asked questions

The essentials of employee advocacy

In addition to employee advocacy insights here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

An employee advocate actively supports and promotes their organization, acting as a positive spokesperson. Through social media, discussions, and testimonials, they boost brand awareness, enhance the company’s reputation, and attract talent. Employee advocacy leverages personal relationships for powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

Employee advocacy is when employees promote their company on their personal social networks or channels, sharing content, liking updates, and creating company-related posts. This spreads authentic brand awareness, making them trusted online brand ambassadors.

A brand ambassador represents a company, promoting its values, products, and services. They engage with customers, create brand awareness, and help build a positive brand image through various marketing and networking activities.

Brand ambassadors require excellent communication, interpersonal, networking skills, deep brand understanding, and the ability to engage and positively influence others.

Your Klout Score is an indicator of the influence of your social media activity. Via the Klout website you can register your social media accounts and see your level of engagement and influence.
The Social Selling Index, or SSI, is a measure of a salesperson’s social selling skills and sales execution. As the SSI rises we normally see a rise in sales success.
The amount of spending required in order to obtain the same amount of reach and engagement generated by unpaid media sources.
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