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Unleashing the Power of Social Influence in Healthcare Marketing

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In the dynamic realm of healthcare, human connections matter. It’s a different kind of field, one where consumers want more than just a product or a service; they want to feel that there are real, caring people looking after their best interests. Which is why the social element of healthcare marketing can prove so crucial. Our recent white paper on the subject explores in depth the transformative power of social media marketing in fostering growth and development within the health sector.

Trust in the healthcare industry is based on human interactions, and social media in healthcare can make the difference

When it comes to anything involving their own health, consumers want to know that they’re dealing with real, compassionate people. And as the healthcare landscape evolves, the need for trust, credibility, and community engagement takes precedence over many of the more traditional business metrics that exist in other sectors. And one of the best ways to gain trust and credibility is through the use of social media posts. 

When actual employees use their own social media accounts, and not paid social media, to communicate about your healthcare business and services, it creates an environment for healthcare consumer loyalty and growth, by tapping into the wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion inherent in every healthcare professional. 

Here are just a few more specific ways social media can help all healthcare services, whether they’re as big as the World Health Organization, or just a small, specialized healthcare provider. 

Maximizing Reach, Minimizing Costs

Before you can even build trust, people need to know what services you provide within the healthcare community. And in a bustling healthcare marketplace, standing out is a challenge. Research reveals that messages shared by individuals travel 561% farther than corporate posts.

Leveraging the collective social networks of healthcare professionals can significantly extend the reach of healthcare messages, with a personal touch, while boosting visibility across related blogs and search engines, attracting new patients and customers. 

From Insights to Influence

Part of trust is expertise. And establishing healthcare companies as thought leaders becomes streamlined through social media. By curating authoritative content and sharing industry insights, healthcare providers can enhance thought leadership effortlessly, reaching a wider audience. Wider, even, than paid search and traditional advertising combined. 

Building a Magnetic Employer Brand

The most reliable companies tend to hire the best people. Talent acquisition in the healthcare sector faces challenges, and social media can play a pivotal role in building an employer brand.

Professionals showcasing company culture, expertise, and growth opportunities on social media platforms can attract and retain skilled individuals, aligning values and missions seamlessly. 

From Skepticism to Confidence

Authenticity is paramount in the health sector, and authentic voices on social media can significantly contribute to building it. Clear and relatable communication by healthcare representatives ensures that the audience receives information transparently, fostering trust even in sensitive situations, and especially as it pertains to the patient experience. 

A trusted company is one that always follows the rules. In highly regulated healthcare and pharma industries, ensuring compliance with regulations is essential. Social media guidelines, clear communication on authorized speakers, and sharing reports on data privacy through these platforms can enhance transparency and demonstrate commitment to regulatory compliance.

By being open about clinical data, adherence to industry regulations, and even negative reviews, companies can create trust while raising awareness of their own efforts at improvement as part of their healthcare journey.

Social Selling for Healthcare Professionals

Feelings and intentions matter, but a big part of business success for any healthcare provider is still built around good old fashioned sales, to attract healthcare consumers and prospective patients. Beyond reputation, social media becomes a key driver of sales in healthcare.

Professionals can leverage their online presence to nurture leads, share relevant content, and position themselves as industry experts. Analytics provide insights into the impact of social media on website traffic and lead generation, improving the efficacy of strategic outreach. 

Bringing the “Human Touch” Back to Healthcare Social Media

Healthcare consumers are tired of a world where everything is automated, and no one has time to talk. They want to know that when it comes to healthcare providers, there are human beings on the other end, thinking, feeling, and making sensitive decisions. Which is why humanizing healthcare organizations and pharma companies in a tech-focused world is crucial.

Social media allows professionals to share behind-the-scenes content, testimonials, success stories, and thought leadership pieces. Videos, in particular, bridge technology with empathy, building trust and loyalty.

The right platform will empower you to build the right connections, and here’s how we can help

Curious about the potential impact of social media marketing at your healthcare institution? Unsure where and how to begin? Well, luckily there are tools out there that can help you every step of the way. Like Sociabble, for example. The Sociabble platform offers a comprehensive solution, integrating ready-to-use features and an open API, supporting your journey toward growth and success.

Here is how Sociabble can help in the 7 areas described above:

  • Maximizing Reach
    Sociabble’s social media marketing features empower companies to tap into the vast social networks of their employees, extending the reach of their messages effortlessly.
  • From Insights to Influence
    By providing curated and authoritative content, the platform facilitates executives in sharing articles and pieces aligned with the company’s messaging, enhancing thought leadership.
  • Building a Magnetic Employer Brand
    Sociabble transforms employees into brand advocates, narrators of shared stories, and magnets for potential talent. The platform not only showcases company culture but also tracks leads generated from employee shares, providing valuable insights for your healthcare marketers.
  • Building Confidence
    Authentic voices of employees, sharing in a clear and relatable manner, contribute significantly to building trust.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Sociabble’s platform aids in classifying shareable and restricted information, provides guidance on specific regulations, and establishes clear guidelines, ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting sensitive information for health systems.
  • Social Selling
    Sociabble enables sales teams to leverage their social media presence, nurturing leads and driving website traffic. Analytics and performance tracking provide insights, allowing companies to optimize their healthcare marketing strategy based on employee impact.
  • The Human Touch
    Sociabble facilitates the creation of employee-generated content, challenges for friendly competition, and showcases behind-the-scenes content. Videos, created by the employees themselves, bridge technology with empathy, building trust and loyalty.

Interested in learning more? For a deeper dive into these insights and to explore how Sociabble can specifically benefit your healthcare marketers, we invite you to download the full white paper. Discover firsthand the ways in which social media, coupled with innovative platforms like Sociabble, can revolutionize your digital marketing efforts, foster growth, and enhance your impact in the health sector.

Sociabble is a leading provider of Employee Communication and Advocacy SaaS solutions, chosen by industry leaders globally, including companies like Athenahealth, Allianz, and Capgemini. Contact us to discover how Sociabble can take your healthcare marketing strategies to the next level.

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