BNP Paribas BDDF Entreprises launches Social Selling with Sociabble, Leading the Way in Social Business Within Financial Services

Part of the group’s global banking network, BNP Paribas BDDF Entreprises recognizes that today’s sales teams need to be as comfortable using social media to connect with clients and prospects as they are conducting face-to-face meetings and conference calls.

Case Study - BNP Paribas
"We want to share content that isn’t always promotional, but that also provides added value for out clients and prospects.

The challenge is that sales professionals are busy people who aren’t necessarily used to using social media for prospection purposes, so we wanted to simplify the process by giving them easy access to ready-to-share content."

It was with this in mind that the company set out to launch a social selling program focused on sales enablement and thought leadership. “The first step was implementing the necessary training and tools for sales professionals,” notes Carlos Oliveira Araujo, Digital Project Manager.

Dedicated social media training for commercial teams not only instilled a social selling mindset, it also prepared them for Sociabble: a social selling platform that aggregates company, third-party and user-generated content (UGC) onto themed channels from which they can share on their own social media accounts at the click of a button.

Sociabble - BNP Paribas BDDF

Sociabble: Facilitating Sales Teams’ Access to Ready-to-Share Content

The BNP Paribas BDDF Entreprises Sociabble platform is made up of 17 channels, combining company social media accounts and RSS feeds, third-party content, and the social network accounts of top management.

“This mixture of content is key,” notes Oliveira Araujo, “as the objective isn’t for sales teams to share company messages and nothing else – it’s to enable them to stay up to date with the latest industry news, and showcase their expertise with regard to market developments.”

Available on desktop and natively for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, Sociabble acts as a market watch and content sharing platform for sales teams who are often on the move, providing access to content that is available to share, but that can also serve a purely informative purpose.

Furthermore, BNP Paribas BDDF Entreprises channels are organized according to national and regional content. “For us it’s very important that teams have access to national communication, as well as local content that concerns them directly – such as that which relates to regional events and campaigns,” explains Rignols.

Creating Additional Visibility for Company Services, Expertise and Accompaniment

BNP Paribas BDDF Entreprises users win points for their sharing activity on Sociabble, while gamification campaigns are used to highlight selected articles from the company newsletter and award users bonus points for engaging. “Our newsletter goes out to around 80 000 clients and prospects,” notes Rignols, “but by promoting selected articles on Sociabble, we have created additional visibility through employees’ sharing activity on social media.”

Sociabble - BNP Paribas BDDF
"The mixture of content is key, as the objective isn’t for sales teams to share company messages and nothing else – it’s to enable them to stay up to date with the latest industry news, and showcase their expertise with regard to market developments."

Tracking Social Selling Performance at an Individual and Collective Level

BNP Paribas BDDF Entreprises Sociabble users benefit from a personal dashboard that tracks individual performance, as well as the engagement generated among end-user audiences. Meanwhile, company administrators have access to individual and collective performance metrics. With around 300 users registered on Sociabble, BNP Paribas BDDF Entreprises teams generate an average monthly reach of over 700 000 audience touchpoints.

Sociabble - BNP Paribas BDDF
"We trained teams and launched Sociabble – which gives them access to content with a high added value – prior to rolling out LinkedIn Sales Navigator licenses, and this has really driven the overall success of our social selling program."

Sharing and Beyond: Social Selling as a Driver of Business

For BNP Paribas BDDF Entreprises, the combination of dedicated social media training and the Sociabble platform was intended to facilitate the use of social media for sales teams, and pave the way for the incorporation of other social selling tools.

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