Employee advocacy

How to get your employees to promote your brand with employee advocacy insights
 Webinars ~ 1 min

Webinar with Mazars

Mazars truly excelled at igniting a powerful wave of thought leadership by harnessing the potential of employee advocacy.

 Webinars ~ 1 min

Webinar with Renault Group

Engaging Your Workforce and Magnifying Corporate Content with Employee Advocacy.

 Webinars ~ 1 min

Webinar with SNCF

How SNCF implemented an internal network of ambassadors to increase organic reach through employee advocacy.

 Webinars ~ 1 min

Employee Advocacy: An Authentic Alternative to High Media Investment

In a digital age, paid media is costly. With 96% distrust in ads, consider employee-driven brand amplification on a budget.

 Blog ~ 12 min

Advocacy Marketing: Helping Employees to Become Part of the Program

Advocacy marketing as a concept has been around for years. But what happens when it’s not just customers spreading the…

 Client Success Stories ~ 5 min

How Freshworks’ Salesforce Became Social Selling Champions

Freshworks breaks the mold in the CRM market by becoming social selling champions. Discover their Social Selling journey.

case study Finastra
 Client Success Stories ~ 7 min

Finastra Sets a Leading Example in Social Selling

One of the largest fintech companies in the world, Finastra is scaling the Sociabble Employee Advocacy Platform for Advocates at…

sociabble defi wind case study
 Client Success Stories ~ 3 min

Défi Wind Launches Sociabble4Fans and Gathers 1 400 Windsurfers

Défi Wind, The World’s Largest Windsurfing, Event Launches Sociabble4Fans 1 400 windsurfers, thousands of fans, unlimited reach.

 Guides ~ 23 min

A New Employee Advocacy Definition: The Ultimate Guide

Employee advocacy definition : What is employee advocacy and how can a structured program help you achieve good results in…

Sociabble BNP Paribas BDDF case study
 Client Success Stories ~ 3 min

BNP Paribas BDDF Entreprises Leads the Way in Social Business within Financial Services

For BNP Paribas BDDF Entreprises, the combination of dedicated social media training and the Sociabble platform was intended to facilitate…

Auriège Sociabble Brand Advocacy Platform
 Client Success Stories ~ 2 min

Auriège Drives Social Selling and Social Recruitment with its Brand Advocacy Platform

By sharing pertinent content with their social media contacts, Beauty Advisors leverage the power of word of mouth to attract…

Toshiba TFIS
 Client Success Stories ~ 5 min

Toshiba TFIS Quickly Engages B2B Sales Teams in a Successful Social Selling Initiative

As part of its digital strategy, the company wanted to boost the visibility of these offers on social media, and…

Frequently asked questions

The essentials of employee advocacy

In addition to employee advocacy insights here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Employee advocacy is when employees promote their company on their personal social networks or channels, sharing content, liking updates, and creating company-related posts. This spreads authentic brand awareness, making them trusted online brand ambassadors.

A brand ambassador represents a company, promoting its values, products, and services. They engage with customers, create brand awareness, and help build a positive brand image through various marketing and networking activities.

Brand ambassadors require excellent communication, interpersonal, networking skills, deep brand understanding, and the ability to engage and positively influence others.

Your Klout Score is an indicator of the influence of your social media activity. Via the Klout website you can register your social media accounts and see your level of engagement and influence.
The Social Selling Index, or SSI, is a measure of a salesperson’s social selling skills and sales execution. As the SSI rises we normally see a rise in sales success.
The amount of spending required in order to obtain the same amount of reach and engagement generated by unpaid media sources.
Social Recruitment is recruiting talent by using social platforms as databases or for advertising. Social recruiting uses social media profiles, blogs, and websites to find information on potential candidates.
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