Employee advocacy

How to get your employees to promote your brand with employee advocacy insights
Employee Advocacy: What Content Works Best?
 Blog ~ 5 min

Employee Advocacy: What Content Works Best?

It’s one of the first questions companies ask when launching an employee advocacy program: what content works best? The answer depends…

 Client Success Stories ~ 3 min

Microsoft France Engages 4000 Super Fans on House of Fans, an Exclusive Advocacy Community

Microsoft France has engaged a community of super fans: customers and followers who are passionate about the brand, and ready…

Choosing an Employee Advocacy Platform: We’ve Done the Work for You
 Blog ~ 2 min

Choosing an Employee Advocacy Platform: We’ve Done the Work for You

To choose the best employee advocacy platform for your business, you need to answer the question: what is employee advocacy?…

Employee Advocacy for Retail: A Strategy to Compete with Amazon?
 Blog ~ 9 min

Employee Advocacy for Retail: A Strategy to Compete with Amazon?

Online initiatives are springing up across retail, as brands try to compete with the worlds leading online retailers. So basically,…

 Client Success Stories ~ 5 min

The Adecco France Group Launches an Employee Advocacy Program, Transforming its Brand Communication

The world’s leading recruitment firm managed to launch a global strategic digital transformation initiative complete with social media training, executive…

proj couv
 Client Success Stories ~ 3 min

Projetlys drives digital transformation and amplifies online visibility

Driving Digital Transformation Through Employee Advocacy

 Client Success Stories ~ 3 min

How Microsoft Transforms Employees into Brand Advocates on a Global Scale

Launching employee advocacy on a global scale, while at the same time addressing regional needs, is no easy task. After…

 Client Success Stories ~ 5 min

Mazars Drives Thought Leadership with a Global Employee Advocacy Program

By launching dedicated, regional instances of the Sociabble employee advocacy platform, each of them propelled by a global vision, the…

solocal 3
 Client Success Stories ~ 5 min

SoLocal Group Drives its Brand Visibility through a Complete Employee Advocacy Program

The SoLocal Group set itself the objective to reinforce brand awareness, most notably through the diffusion of brand messages on…

 Client Success Stories ~ 2 min

L’Oréal Chooses the Social Wall by Sociabble for More Visible Content

As part of its communication strategy for the “Beauty for All” mission, the L’Oréal group decided to leverage social networks.

 Client Success Stories ~ 2 min

Scala Boosts Website Traffic in Weeks through Employee Advocacy

Scala Chooses Sociabble and Boosts Website Traffic in only a few weeks.

 Client Success Stories ~ 3 min

Groupama Transforms Employees and Stakeholders into Brand Advocates

Aware of the importance of social media, Groupama wanted to boost the impact of digital communication by engaging employees and…

Frequently asked questions

The essentials of employee advocacy

In addition to employee advocacy insights here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Employee advocacy is when employees promote their company on their personal social networks or channels, sharing content, liking updates, and creating company-related posts. This spreads authentic brand awareness, making them trusted online brand ambassadors.

A brand ambassador represents a company, promoting its values, products, and services. They engage with customers, create brand awareness, and help build a positive brand image through various marketing and networking activities.

Brand ambassadors require excellent communication, interpersonal, networking skills, deep brand understanding, and the ability to engage and positively influence others.

Your Klout Score is an indicator of the influence of your social media activity. Via the Klout website you can register your social media accounts and see your level of engagement and influence.
The Social Selling Index, or SSI, is a measure of a salesperson’s social selling skills and sales execution. As the SSI rises we normally see a rise in sales success.
The amount of spending required in order to obtain the same amount of reach and engagement generated by unpaid media sources.
Social Recruitment is recruiting talent by using social platforms as databases or for advertising. Social recruiting uses social media profiles, blogs, and websites to find information on potential candidates.
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