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Employee Advocacy: The Renault Group Doubles Its Reach

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In just a few weeks, the Renault Group was able to build an effective Employee Advocacy program. By relying on a single platform and immediate learning, ambassadors can now easily find attractive and shareable content for social networks.

Case Study - Renault Group EN
  • "Reinforcing the reputation of Renault Group is key for attracting new talent, but also for the appeal of the brand. A strong brand generates more business!"

    Barbara Marzari Wibaux
    Managerial coms & employee engagement Manager
    Renault Group

    The winning content strategy for social networks

    o Quality content on all subjects
    o The group, the brands, the design, the competition, the environment, etc.
    o A specific curation of external content on electric automotive advances to make the Renault Group a leader in the field


    The role of a mobile tool in a successful Employee Advocacy program

    o To fully integrate the frontlines and the factories into the program
    o To facilitate adoption with a simple application using familiar online habits
    o To accelerate engagement and sharing

    The importance of a targeted and personalized approach according to the profiles of ambassadors

    o Supported by a powerful audience targeting feature
    o To offer relevant content, adapted to the target
    o To reduce excess communication noise and saturation

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