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Athenahealth Uses Employee Advocacy to Promote Brand Awareness & Fill 1,900 Open Positions

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A global leader in healthcare technology, athenahealth offers network-enabled services, mobile apps, and data-driven insights for hospitals and medical organizations around the world. Which means finding the perfect candidates for job openings can pose a unique challenge.

By partnering with Sociabble, the corporation was able to implement an employee advocacy program that capitalized on the networks of existing employees and helped to attract the talent they were looking for.

Global Success Means New Positions to Fill.

The Challenges: Building Brand Awareness and Finding Top Talent

One of the challenges companies experiencing hypergrowth often face is quickly filling the many positions that open up in new offices, while also promoting their brand to a new audience.

Athenahealth was experiencing precisely this kind of challenge in 2021, which is why they launched a fresh branding campaign, to enhance awareness of the company, its solutions, and its vision. Their reasons were two-fold: first, to generate visibility and positive perception in new markets, but also to attract top talent for the 1,900 open positions they were looking to fill at that time.

They knew they needed to make the brand and its mission shine, to propel their branding refresh and to find the best people for the jobs that were opening up around the world. But how?

The Key to Success Was Right There with Their Own Workforce.

The Solutions: Using Employee Advocacy to Harness the Enthusiasm & Networks of Their Own Employees

To achieve this two-pronged goal, athenahealth partnered with Sociabble, and took advantage of the Sociabble communication platform’s employee advocacy features. This included:

  • An interactive challenge that ran for a week focusing on refreshed brand content, attracting top talent, and instilling company pride. Sociabble’s targeted and themed channels made it easy to get the right content to the right people.
  • Promoting newly refreshed brand content about the vision and culture of their company across employee networks with Sociabble’s simple sharing features.
  • Using Sociabble’s gamification module for better involvement of employees, assigning a point system to reward and recognize people who reshared posts from this campaign.

By getting employees involved, creating content, and adding an element of gamification, athenahealth was able to drive brand awareness and get the workforce engaged on Sociabble.

The Results? A Resounding Success.

Athenahealth’s employee advocacy initiative was an astounding success, generating over 5.8 million in reach for shared posts, 2,851 shares, and 4,730 external clicks during the program’s initial run. The enhanced brand awareness helped to fill the 1,900 open positions by spreading the job postings over employee networks.

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