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Social Media Management Tools that Everyone Can Use

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Marketing Team Experts in Employee Advocacy

In today’s business climate, having social media management tools to guide online messaging is an essential part of Employee Communication.

In this blog post, we’re proud to announce Sociabble’s new social media management capabilities, designed to give Employee Advocacy and Social Selling programs a new dimension. No, social media management isn’t just for specialists anymore.

Everyone agrees that having a social media presence online is crucial for any business today. It’s simply how many consumers and clients learn about a brand. But these days, the way companies share their messaging has changed.

Social media has democratized the process, and it’s no longer just about communication departments or managers—all employees need to participate. Which is why Sociabble is proud to announce its new social media management tools.

Social media management isn’t just for social media managers.

For much of the last decade, corporate messaging via social media was the niche specialty of a small team, usually a social media manager whose job was to oversee the company’s messaging across all social networks. The content and timing were entirely in their hands.

But today, this method just doesn’t work anymore. 98% of employees already have at least one personal media account for personal use, and half of those are already talking about their company on social media. Messaging shared by employees goes 561% farther in terms of reach than those shared by company channels.

So of course, it makes sense that a large part of the messaging regarding a company is already coming from employees themselves, not just from social media managers.

It’s time to give employees control over their own social media management tools.

It’s true that employees are happy to share content suggested by their employer, this is indeed the cornerstone of Employee Advocacy programs. But they want to have control over their own online presence. That is to say, they want to be able to create content and manage their own social media account separate from the company.

Add on the fact that many employees are saddled with managing local company pages too, i.e. at local agencies or retail outlets, and that only complicates the matter further. Employees need simple, effective tools that makes it easy for them to share company content, while also creating their own content, seamlessly together.

Existing social media management tools are too complex. Employees want simplicity.

There are tools out there that companies have used for social media management, but they’re generally too complex and require too much training for the average employee. Hootsuite and Sprinklr offer a sophisticated alternative, but they’re too complicated for most employees to use on a daily basis, and they’re too expensive to deploy at scale.

For a designated social media manager with extensive training, they might work, but when you’re trying to turn your entire workforce into online ambassadors, a more intuitive solution is needed. Something that employees can easily pick up without excessive training, and use every day with just a few clicks.

social media management tools
When it comes to social media management tools, simplicity and ease of use is key. Sociabble is excited to offer a new feature that empowers employees with both.

Employees are also looking for help in the content department.

Sometimes people just want to share content suggested by the company. Sometimes they want to create content entirely on their own.

Sometimes the situation is a mix: they want to create content based on a personal idea, but they need a little assistance—approved images, media files, etc.—that they can use while posting in their own voice. This is another area where company assistance is needed.

With a few prompts coupled with pre-approved content elements, employee sharing on social media can become far more effective. They can add their own voice and talk to exactly what the company wants to say.

They can become effective ambassadors for the company, taking awareness to whole new levels, while bringing authenticity through personal thoughts. Employees can also get in the game by leveraging their social media presence to attract top talent.

social media management tools
Employees can benefit from encouragement to excel as social media ambassadors. Sociabble can give them access to pre-approved content, and also make it easy for them to create their own content and share it natively to various social networks.

Sociabble Social Media Management can provide the solution companies are looking for.

Sociabble has always offered an effective platform for Employee Advocacy, enabling people to share suggested content, but now, with this new extension, it also offers the perfect social media management solution, putting the power to publish on social media into the hands of employees.

The tool is simple to understand, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with the way employees already use social media— there are no new skills to learn or techniques to apply. It literally just involves a few clicks to share or schedule a post.

With Sociabble Social Media Management, you can:

  • Create and schedule native content publications on LinkedIn & Twitter personal accounts
  • Create content from scratch or content pre-approved by admins (i.e. an image library)
  • Fast-track the creation process by sharing high-quality content prepared by the company
  • Create and schedule native content publication for the company, on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook company pages
  • Use flexible agenda view to manage the publication schedule
  • Filter by status (published, coming soon, draft mode), by accounts, or by timeframe
  • Adjust the view by week or by month, to see the long-term or short-term schedule
  • Collaborate with colleagues operating the same company pages, see what they have scheduled and posted to synchronize efforts and avoid repetition
  • Use targeting options exactly like on the LinkedIn company page management tool, or create restricted audiences on Facebook based on language and location.

social media management tools

With Sociabble, employees can view their calendar, filter by audience, use targeting options, and publish natively to your company’s most important social networks, all with just a few clicks.

Essentially, with Sociabble Social Media Management, you can have your local company pages managed to scale by non-social media savvy individuals, and you can empower your employees and social sellers with a complete solution—which is a good way to reward them.

It’s simply part of the new social selling age. It’s simple to use, scalable, and affordable. When you sign up, you’ll be joining clients like Generali, who have already taken advantage of this social media management solution to empower their agents all over the world. Discover ways to improve your strategy by learning more about social media and advocacy.

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