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Sociabble for Workplace by Facebook

Marketing Team, Experts in Employee Advocacy, Sociabble
Marketing Team Experts in Employee Advocacy

Sociabble Launches Sociabble for Workplace by Facebook, Bridging the Gap Between Internal Communications, Employee Advocacy and Content Curation.

Introducing Sociabble for Workplace by Facebook.

A platform dedicated to enabling the use of Workplace by Facebook for employee advocacy and social selling scenarios; while facilitating the integration of external content into Workplace by Facebook.

In the span of a year and a half, Workplace by Facebook has revolutionized corporate internal communications and collaboration by providing employees with a simple, multifaceted, and unsegmented, mobile first tool whose user interface is recognized across the globe. More than 30,000 companies have already successfully adopted Workplace by Facebook around the world.

Sociabble, the leading employee advocacy and social selling platform, is used daily by thousands of people in more than 80 countries. The Sociabble platform aggregates company content from official channels (social networks, websites), users, and curation platforms.

Content with proper authorization is then shareable with a single click across multiple social media networks. Through the Sociabble platform, employees improve their digital presence and brands gain visibility; while also identifying their best ambassadors and most engaging content.

Sociabble for Workplace by Facebook

Sociabble for Workplace by Facebook allows enterprises to easily extract content from Workplace by Facebook. This allow employees to, in a single click, share it across their personal networks including Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Xing.

Administrators can also approve all shareable content that the platform offers employees and enterprises; which is beneficial for those in industries subject to regulatory constraints. Conversely, collaborators can also share content from Sociabble to Workplace by Facebook groups; initiating workplace collaboration and discussion around specific content.

Thanks to Sociabble’s content curation tools, including Sociabble Curation by and Sociabble Content by Feedly, administrators can rapidly share curated content to Workplace by Facebook groups. This process is further simplified with partial automation. Done by using a Sociabble-bot to push platform content to Workplace by Facebook groups based on a set of predefined criteria.

Use Case

Talentsoft, Cloud HR vendor, is one of many companies that has chosen Workplace by Facebook for internal communications and Sociabble for Employee Advocacy. The company has already seen the benefits of Sociabble for Workplace by Facebook. 

For Xavier Monty, Head of Corporate Communications at Talentsoft, it is a natural fit:

The best content curated through Sociabble’s is automatically pushed to the appropriate Workplace by Facebook discussion groups, that our people are already visiting daily.
From there they can both exchange ideas and easily share content to their personal social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), through a seamless experience.
This saves us a lot of time and allows us to engage employees with relevant content where they are.Xavier Monty

About Sociabble

Sociabble delivers top of the line enterprise social media solutions for employee and influencer advocacy, social selling and employee engagement. A Software as a service (SaaS), the platform aggregates content sourced from official company channels and curation platforms; as well as content suggested by platform users.

Personalizing content and organizing it into different channels and themes are view-able and shareable with just a click to the user’s personal social media accounts. You can reward employees and influencers with points and badges for shares; and can also improve their digital footprint and enhance the visibility of the company externally.

Launched in 2014 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs in digital asset management technology, social media and content marketing, Sociabble is currently used in over 80 countries; and has acquired some of the world’s most prestigious clients such as Microsoft, BNP Paribas, L’Oréal, and PwC. Headquartered in Paris, France, Sociabble has operations in New York City, London, and Mumbai.

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