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Intech Deploys Sociabble to Bridge Communication Distances in Medical Solutions

Intech is a company that specializes in providing medical device solutions and services. With nine locations across the world, including a brand-new branch in Florida, the firm has a diverse workforce, including many frontline workers. Intech has embraced Sociabble to enhance internal communication and employee engagement. Their goal is to provide comprehensive communication tools to all employees, encompassing both office-based and frontline staff. 

The Challenges for Innovative Communication in a Diverse Workplace 

The first challenge was to establish a clear line of communication among the diverse workforce spread across multiple geographical locations (US, France, and Malaysia). Without a corporate email, many workers felt that communication let them aside, and disconnected. Ensuring that all employees were engaged and informed was paramount, including the deskless workers that account for close to fifty percent of the workforce.  

The second challenge was to boost employee engagement and foster a sense of community among the workforce. Intech wanted to bridge the gap between its office and frontline workers, ensuring that everyone felt included. The company wanted to create a community where everyone has a place. 

Finally, the company aimed to solidify its reputation as an innovative leader in the industry. Despite Intech’s pivotal contributions to healthcare through its medical device solutions, its innovative identity as an employer remained underrepresented. Intech wanted to showcase its commitment to innovation, underlining its desire to be recognized as a pioneering employer within the sector.

Overcoming Communication Barriers with Sociabble 

To address these challenges, Intech used Sociabble’s features innovatively. They created global channels for all employees, ensuring everyone had access to the same information, thereby reinforcing a sense of community. They also launched a branded app, Flash, specifically designed for their frontline workers who lack corporate email. 

Thanks to user generated content capabilities (UGC) and dedicated communication spaces, Intech employees can publish important team events on their own. Thus, when innovative equipment for the manufacture of prostheses arrived at the factory, a single employee was able to publish an announcement by himself and all the employees in all the subsidiaries were able to comment and celebrate this event.

Intech comms team also decided to leverage the ‘My Apps’ feature. The objective was to cater to their employees in France and the United States, providing them with useful tools within the platform. Intech also used TV widgets to share information across different sites. They enabled translation, ensuring clear communication across different countries. Lastly, they plan to activate the chat rooms feature to engage with frontline workers on specific problematics to each site. 

Results and Future Plans 

In just 2 months, 60% of the Group’s employees had already joined the platform and this figure is constantly increasing, including 35% of frontline workers. Some sites are reaching a ratio of 85% of their workforce. Flash now hosts more than 500 pieces of content, with 48% contributed by users themselves.

Intech’s future plans include focusing on engaging frontline workers and users who are not familiar with social media. They also plan to activate the chat rooms feature for localized engagement. 

In conclusion, Intech’s project launch with Sociabble has been very promising. It has enabled the company to establish clear communication lines, boost employee engagement, connect all employees (office and frontline workers). With Sociabble, Intech is truly leveraging the power of technology for enhanced internal communication.

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