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How to Distribute Your Internal Communication Videos Effectively

Discover how to efficiently utilize internal communication videos and how SEV simplifies and automates the distribution process.
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In the dynamic landscape of corporate communication, video has emerged as a pivotal medium in internal communications strategy, enhancing the way messages are conveyed internally. To some, creating video content can seem intimidating, often seen as costly and time-consuming. Then there are the challenges of distribution, involving the dissemination of videos to employees across various locations and languages.

This blog post explores how to efficiently utilize internal communication videos, focusing on Sociabble’s solutions to help simplify and automate the distribution process.

The Challenges of Traditional Internal Communication

Corporations often fall back on “the old ways” when it comes to internal comms, but the old ways don’t always work. Traditional methods for internal communications such as internal emails and memos often face significant challenges:

Low Employee Engagement

One of the primary challenges with traditional internal communication methods, such as written communication, is the issue of low employee engagement. Traditional formats like emails and printed memos often fail to capture the attention of employees, leading to a lack of interest and participation in corporate initiatives and internal communications.

Gallup’s research highlights this widespread issue, revealing that a mere 13% of employees worldwide feel truly engaged at work. This disengagement not only affects employee morale but also impacts productivity and the overall success of the organization. Engaging communication tools, such as video, are crucial in addressing this challenge, as they offer a more dynamic and interactive way to convey information, potentially boosting employee interest and involvement in the workplace.

Lack of Clarity and Language Barriers

In addition to the challenges of engaging employees, traditional communication methods often struggle with clarity. Text-based messages can easily be misinterpreted due to the absence of visual and auditory cues, leading to confusion and miscommunication. This issue is compounded by language barriers, especially in global companies with a diverse workforce. Misunderstandings arising from language differences can lead to significant disruptions in workflow and team cohesion.

A study by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that 44% of respondents cited miscommunication as a leading cause of inefficiencies in the workplace, highlighting the need for clearer and more inclusive communication methods. Incorporating video, with its visual cues and potential for multilingual subtitles, can effectively address these clarity challenges.

Limited Reach

The challenge of limited reach in traditional internal communication is significant, particularly in diverse and geographically dispersed organizations. Traditional methods like emails and printed memos may not effectively reach all employees, especially those who are remote, field-based, or do not have consistent access to digital communication platforms like company intranets. This challenge is compounded in global companies where employees are spread across different time zones, making synchronous communication difficult.

The result is often a fragmented workforce where messages are inconsistently distributed and received, leading to disparities in information dissemination and a sense of disconnection among employees. This underscores the need for more inclusive and far-reaching communication methods.

Specifically, these issues highlight the need for more effective communication tools like video to increase employee engagement, provide clarity, and ensure wider reach.

Overcoming Communication Challenges with Video

Before diving into internal communications video examples, let’s see how video can effectively address the three key challenges of low engagement, lack of clarity, and limited reach in internal communications:

Enhancing Employee Engagement

Internal communication videos are inherently more engaging than text-based formats. Its dynamic and visual nature captures attention, fostering better engagement. It can transform mundane corporate messages into compelling narratives, encouraging employees to watch and participate actively.

Improving Clarity

Internal communication videos provide visual and auditory cues that text lacks, significantly reducing the chances of misinterpretation. Using visuals, voice intonation, and body language in video can convey complex ideas more clearly and effectively. Additionally, incorporating subtitles can overcome language barriers, ensuring clarity for a diverse audience. This will surely boost employee satisfaction.

Expanding Reach

With the ability to be accessed on various devices and platforms, video ensures wider reach within an organization. It is particularly effective for remote or field-based employees, bridging the communication gap that geographical dispersion creates. Video can be streamed or accessed on-demand, accommodating different time zones and work schedules, thus ensuring consistent message dissemination across the entire organization. Moreover, with 57% to 75% of global video content being played on mobile devices, and mobile video consumption doubling annually, the reach of video content on mobile platforms is significantly enhanced. This shows that using video will improve employee engagement.

By leveraging video, companies can transform their internal communications strategy to be more engaging, clearer, and far-reaching.

Streamlining Video for Internal Communications

Sociabble is a comprehensive platform for internal communication and employee engagement. It is designed to enhance the way organizations connect with their employees through various channels, including video. Recognizing the challenges in video production and distribution, Sociabble’s approach focuses on simplifying this process, making it more accessible and less resource-intensive. Sociabble’s platform is designed to help businesses leverage the power of internal videos without the typical constraints of high costs and complex distribution processes, thanks to our Sociabble Enterprise Video (SEV) solution.

The Sociabble Enterprise Video (SEV) solution boasts a range of features specifically designed to enhance your company’s internal communications:

  • AI-Powered Video Summaries: SEV employs advanced AI to provide summaries of video content, making it easier for employees to quickly capture the essence of the message, saving time and enhancing comprehension.
  • Multi-Language Support and Accessibility: Recognizing the diversity of the global workforce, SEV offers subtitles and translations in 50+ languages. This feature ensures that language barriers do not impede understanding and that all employees, regardless of their native language, have equal access to the content. Translations can be generated automatically and subsequently refined manually to ensure full adherence.
  • User-Generated Content Capability: Sociabble Enterprise Video encourages employees to create and share their own video content directly from their mobile. This fosters a more engaging and inclusive company culture by allowing employees to contribute their perspectives and experiences, enhancing the sense of community within the organization.

  • Automated and Simplified Distribution: A standout feature of SEV is its ability to streamline and automate the distribution of video content. This simplification means companies can distribute their videos across various channels effortlessly, ensuring wide reach and consistent messaging.
  • Integration with Existing Tools: Sociabble Enterprise Video integrates seamlessly with existing corporate tools and platforms, ensuring a smooth and cohesive experience for both content creators and viewers.
  • Engagement Analytics: The platform offers detailed analytics to track viewer engagement, providing valuable insights into how video content is consumed and interacted with within the organization.

By incorporating these features, Sociabble Enterprise Video addresses the common challenges in distributing video content for internal communication, making it an effective and efficient solution for businesses looking to leverage the power of internal communication videos.

Real-Life Internal Communication Video Examples

Everything starts by knowing what you want to say. To help you get started, here are a few internal corporate video ideas.

Company-Wide Announcements and Leadership Messages

Using Sociabble Enterprise Video, a company can broadcast important announcements from the CEO or leadership team by adding a more personal touch. The AI summaries and multilingual subtitles can make these messages accessible and easily digestible for all employees, ensuring widespread understanding.

Training and Development

Sociabble Enterprise Video can be used to train employees. Its user-generated content capability allows for sharing practical, peer-to-peer training and onboarding videos, enhancing the learning experience and making it more relatable. Best of all, training videos work as well for existing employees as for new hires.

Employee Recognition Programs

Organizations can use Sociabble Enterprise Video to start creating internal communications videos that celebrate employee achievements in business success. The platform’s distribution features ensure these recognition videos reach all corners of the organization, boosting morale and employee engagement.

Health and Safety Updates

Particularly relevant in times of crisis, Sociabble Enterprise Video can be utilized to quickly disseminate health and safety information. The platform’s automated distribution ensures timely and uniform delivery of these critical updates to the entire workforce.

For every internal communications video idea, SEV ensures that the internal communications video content is effectively produced, distributed, and received, aligning with the company’s culture and internal communication goals.

In this blog post, we’ve explored how internal comms video content can significantly enhance internal communications by addressing challenges like low employee engagement, lack of clarity, and limited reach. The Sociabble Enterprise Video platform stands out as a versatile solution, offering features that simplify the production and distribution of internal comms videos.

Real-life examples demonstrate the platform’s effectiveness in various corporate scenarios, from company-wide announcements to employee recognition. Sociabble’s innovative approach to video communication streamlines the process, making it accessible and effective for all types of organizations, thereby transforming the landscape of internal communications.

At Sociabble, we’ve partnered with leaders like Primark, Pierre Fabre Group, and Coca-Cola CCEP to enhance their internal communications. We invite you to explore how Sociabble can assist your company in incorporating video into its corporate communication. Reach out for a free, personalized demo to discover the transformative power of SEV. We’d love to chat!

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