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How Large Companies Can Revolutionize Their Internal Communication with Sociabble

Learn why internal communications need to be managed differently at large companies, and how Sociabble can make a critical difference.  
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Communication Team Experts in Internal Communication

Internal communication is important at any organization, but large companies have unique needs when it comes to creating and sharing crucial information. Logistics, timing, project management tools, audience engagement, tech capabilities–all of these come into play in ways that might not affect a smaller business to the same extent.

In this article, we’ll explain why internal communications need to be managed differently at large companies, and how Sociabble can make a critical difference.  

The Need for Effective Internal Communication in an Organization of Large Size

In the evolving landscape of business practices, effective internal communication methods stand as a constant imperative, and as a pillar of success. This is especially true for large organizations with complex structures; the kinds of businesses that simply cannot function without an effective communication flow. 

However, ensuring that every employee, from office workers to frontline staff, receives pertinent and engaging information, is more than just a practical necessity–it’s something of an art, and the right tool can make a difference. Sociabble, a cutting-edge platform for Employee Communication and Employee Engagement, is transforming the way businesses communicate internally, changing the transfer of updates and data into a seamless and streamlined process, and enabling large organizations to effectively overcome the communication barriers that come along with size and structural complexity.

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Challenges in Organizational Communication & Sociabble’s Solutions

Creating, organizing, and distributing information at a large corporation is anything but straightforward. Different offices, departments, roles, and languages can all throw some significant complexity into the mix, sometimes resulting in poor communication and a lack of coordination.

But with the right strategy and platform, most of these obstacles can be readily surmounted for effective internal communication. Here are challenges that can crop up, and the ways that the Sociabble platform can effectively address them. 

Providing Comprehensive Information to All Employees

In large corporations, office workers often grapple with information overload, while frontline workers, on the other hand, might feel disconnected due to limited access. Sociabble addresses this by offering a content hub that tailors information delivery to the needs of each employee. Whether it’s through a web app, branded mobile app, email, chat, intranet, or Microsoft Teams, Sociabble ensures every employee stays informed and engaged.

For example, one Sociabble client, a multinational fashion company, was able to connect over 70,000 employees via a single branded internal communication portal, which was accessible via mobile app to give access to frontline employees as well. The tailored platform included different communication channels segmented by office and warehouse location, as well as over 400 dedicated chat rooms: one for each of their stores. 

Orchestrating Global and Local Information on Communication Channels

Balancing global corporate messaging with local operational communication is a significant challenge. Sociabble excels in combining these two, providing a platform that allows for the decentralization of content management. This capability means companies can tailor internal communication to specific departments, roles, and needs, thereby aligning global and local communication strategies seamlessly.

Vinci Energies is a French company specializing in industrial maintenance services, digital service infrastructures, and engineering. It supports organizations around the world in their environmental transition by deploying tailor-made technologies. The company adopted Sociabble and used its targeted channels to establish more effective internal communication with its 90,000 employees. With more than 75% of the group’s employees active and engaged in communication, Vinci Energies succeeded in bringing together its global teams on a single tool that reinforces the perception of the brand, while also offering greater visibility to local content.

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Connecting Frontline Workers without Professional Devices

One of Sociabble’s unique strengths is its ability to connect frontline workers who may lack professional devices or email addresses. Through its mobile-first approach and intuitive user interface, Sociabble ensures that these employees are not left out of the communication loop, providing them with access to vital information and engagement opportunities. Communication strategies work best when ALL employees are included and kept informed. 

A good example of this is Seris, a leader in professional security, that succeeded in reconnecting its field operatives thanks to Sociabble. A single digital platform was used to centralize day-to-day communication tools and workplace communication, boosting employee commitment. In the various regions, branch efficiency was improved thanks to the efficient management of administrative requests integrated into Sociabble.

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Managing Diverse Teams Across Locations and Languages

Large corporations often face the challenge of communicating across different geographical locations and languages. Sociabble’s platform offers real-time translation in over 50 languages and replicates organizational structures with groups and audiences. This feature ensures that content is not only accessible but also relevant to every employee, regardless of their location or language–good internal communication is a universal need, and Sociabble helps to ensure it. 

Edenred, the world leader in cashless solutions, is an example of one global corporation that used this feature to great effect. The group excels at offering payment options dedicated to food, employee motivation, mobility, and business for more than 50 million users, at more than 900,000 companies in 46 countries.

The challenge, however, was bringing all of their diverse employees, working to serve their international customer base in offices around the world, together on a single platform; a multi-channel communication that would strengthen a sense of identity and belonging, while also giving each employee the personalized information that they needed.

And to accomplish this, they chose Sociabble, thanks to its instant translation features, easy newsletter engine, and global/local targeting capabilities. Their branded employee platform, called “RED,” was launched in just 4 months, and quickly managed to break down silos and join together offices from around the globe on a common internal communication platform. 

Utilizing Various Employee Communication Content Formats for Employee Engagement

To keep employees engaged, Sociabble leverages different content formats, from text and photos to videos and interactive polls. This variety ensures that the communication is not only informative but also engaging, catering to the diverse workplace communication preferences of a large workforce. Large companies need to take the importance of visual formats into consideration, as part of having effective communication strategies in place. 

One feature that many Sociabble clients have taken advantage of is Sociabble Enterprise Video. Making, sending, and sharing videos has become simply a matter of clicks for Sociabble users, at a time when visual content is the best way to grab employees’ attention.

Thanks to SEV, the communication challenges of remote work and flex office schedules can be overcome with the next best thing to face-to-face communication. And thanks to Sociabble’s AI capabilities, content creation and distribution is easier than ever, with video summaries available instantly for sharing. It’s an effective way to keep employees informed, while also strengthening company culture and a general sense of belonging. 

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Sociabble: A Single Tool with Multiple Touchpoints, for Seamless Internal Communication 

When it comes to IC tools, Sociabble stands out as a holistic solution for managing the entire employee communication experience through multiple touchpoints. It incorporates newsletters, a secured and branded mobile app, intranets, Microsoft Teams, and a host of other applications through widgets. This unified approach means large companies with complex structures can rely on one technical solution to engage employees across multiple communication channels, thus enhancing the effectiveness and reach of the internal communication plan, and bringing out the best in consistent business operations. Employees remain engaged and informed thanks to this unified communication tool.

To put it simply, Sociabble is more than just a communication platform; it’s a comprehensive solution and a vital management component that addresses the complex needs of internal communication for large corporations. By overcoming common challenges and providing a single, versatile tool with various touchpoints, Sociabble is revolutionizing how companies engage with their many employees.

Are you ready to transform your organization’s internal communication plan? We’ve already helped world-renowned companies like Coca-Cola CCEP, Pierre Fabre Group, Primark, and many others to inform and engage with their employees for effective communication. Connect with Sociabble and discover how we can tailor our solution to meet your unique needs, and help you achieve the highest levels of organizational success. 

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