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Lackluster Communication is a Thing of the Past: Introducing the Sociabble Enterprise Video Revolution

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Marketing Team Experts in Employee Advocacy

Today, video has become an essential communication tool. However, there are several reasons why it’s not so easy to implement in the workplace. That’s why we’re delighted to introduce Sociabble Enterprise Video (SEV), an innovative solution that will transform the way organizations share and use video.

With Sociabble Enterprise Video, you’ll be able to securely upload, share and interact with your company’s videos like never before, while enjoying maximum security, impeccable compliance and the best user experience on the market.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the cutting-edge features that allow SEV to outperform the competition.

The Growing Importance & Challenges of Video Communication in the Workplace  

Video has become an essential format in today’s communications, as it facilitates the transmission of complex information and increases employee engagement with content. In fact, a study by Wyzowl shows that 78% of people prefer videos to blog posts or articles. However, despite its growing importance, implementing effective video communication can be challenging for companies.

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Here, we highlight some of the common problems organizations face when trying to incorporate video into their internal communications strategy.

Videos are Hard to Find or Difficult to Access

One significant challenge is making videos easily accessible to employees. Often, video content is scattered across various platforms or buried deep within intranets, making it difficult for employees to find and access the information they need.

Limited Engagement with Traditional Content

As the preference for video content grows, traditional formats like text and images may not capture employees’ attention as effectively. This can lead to limited engagement and reduced knowledge retention, ultimately impacting productivity and collaboration.

Little or No Bottom-Up Feedback

Companies often struggle to encourage bottom-up feedback on video content, which is crucial for fostering open communication and continuous improvement. Employees may feel reluctant to share their thoughts, or there might not be an appropriate platform for them to do so.

Lack of Time to Watch Videos

Time constraints are another challenge when it comes to video communication. Employees may feel overwhelmed by their workload and perceive watching videos as a low priority, leading to valuable content being overlooked.

Difficulty Measuring the Effectiveness of Video Content

Measuring the impact of video content on employee engagement, productivity, and knowledge retention can be difficult. Without proper analytics and reporting tools, companies may struggle to evaluate the effectiveness of their video communication strategy and make data-driven improvements.

Language Barriers

In today’s globalized workforce, language barriers can pose a significant challenge to effective video communication. If video content isn’t available in multiple languages or doesn’t include subtitles, some employees may struggle to understand and engage with the information being shared.

In conclusion, while video communication is becoming increasingly important for companies, there are several challenges to overcome when implementing it effectively. By addressing these issues, organizations can harness the power of video to enhance employee engagement, improve knowledge retention, and foster a more connected workforce.   

Is there a solution that solves all of these problems? There is now.

Thanks to Sociabble Enterprise Video’s translation features, we’ve halved the time we spend filming with our top management. We now use one video and one message for all our regions and save several thousand euros on translation per video.Anne de Warren Corporate Communications Director, Pierre Fabre

Introducing Sociabble Enterprise Video!

With SEV, you will be able to safely upload, share, and engage with company videos like never before!

Sociabble Enterprise Video offers clients a multitude of advantages when it comes to internal communication within their organizations.

  • Sociabble Enterprise Video ensures 100% secure communication by implementing robust security measures that protect sensitive information.

  • Sociabble Enterprise Video also prioritizes inclusivity and accessibility, offering features such as translation and transcription in over 50 languages, making content available to a diverse workforce. You will capture employees’ attention with a video, and you will be assured of a better understanding by everyone.

  • Sociabble Enterprise Video enables companies to measure ROI more effectively by providing analytics and insights into employee engagement, helping organizations optimize their communication strategies and maximize return on investment.

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Let’s examine in detail the advantages of our solution:

Unparalleled Security and Compliance

When it comes to sharing sensitive and confidential information within your organization, you need a platform you can trust. SEV offers best-in-class security and compliance, surpassing even well-known platforms like Vimeo and YouTube. With SEV, you can confidently share your internal content, knowing that it’s protected by the most advanced security measures.

Inclusive for All Employees

Inclusivity is at the heart of SEV. Our platform provides transcript and translation features in over 50 languages, ensuring that both office and frontline workers can fully engage with your company’s video content.

By breaking down language barriers, SEV fosters a more inclusive and connected workplace. Moreover, with Sociabble being accessible for both office and frontline workers, through desktop and mobile alike, you can rest assured that your content will reach everyone at the company, with no one being left out.

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Best User Experience

SEV goes above and beyond in delivering a superior user experience. With features like a mini player, adjustable video speed, AI-powered resume capabilities, chapter navigation, and seamless translation integration, your employees will enjoy an unparalleled and pleasant viewing experience tailored to their needs.

You also have the ability to add your company logo and brand your video player according to your own company graphic guidelines.

Empowered User-Generated Content and Shareability

SEV encourages user-generated content, allowing employees to create and share their own videos within the organization. This solution fosters a sense of ownership and engagement among team members, promoting a culture of collaboration and innovation.

You can also decide whether (or not) the videos can be natively shared on social media through your employee advocacy program. An advanced profanity check feature will automatically detect and flag any forbidden words, so that you can block it.

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Measurable Engagement and ROI

Making videos is expensive, and time consuming! It is important to track ROI and analyse the performance of your content. With SEV, you can easily track engagement metrics and measure the return on investment for your video content.

Gain valuable insights into how your employees are interacting with your videos, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to optimize future content and drive engagement.

Advanced Administrator Experience

SEV provides administrators with powerful tools to manage video content effectively. Enjoy advanced features like customizable access controls, analytics, and content management, all designed to empower administrators with the resources they need to maintain a seamless and secure video communication platform.

Ready for a new level of corporate communications? Then you’re ready for Sociabble Enterprise Video. 

It’s more than just a bonus feature or an add-on. Sociabble Enterprise Video is set to transform the way companies communicate and engage with video content. With its unparalleled security, inclusivity, and user experience, SEV is the ultimate solution for organizations looking to elevate their internal communications and foster a more connected and engaged workforce.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your employee communications. Safely upload, share, and engage with your company’s videos like never before. Corporations are already teaming up with Sociabble and using this solution to communicate effectively with their workforce, including industry leaders like Primark, Edenred, Renault Trucks, Semperis, Expero, and GTT.

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