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Social sharing

Develop your reps' network on social media.

Share the right content with the right prospects and improve your thought leadership.
Sales booster

Drive more opportunities and shorten sales cycles.

Optimize 60 employees for increased reach, achieve 7x lead conversion through social selling, and expedite sales cycles with enhanced online presence.

Boost Website Traffic

60 employees can increase your company’s reach by 1,000%. You can measure the traffic generated by employees and integrate it with your analytics tool.

Generate Opportunities

Leads developed through employee social selling convert  7x more frequently than other leads. You can track leads generated by the shares and identify the best sellers on Sociabble’s social selling platform.

Shorten Sales Cycles

Enable your sales team to multiply their publications on social networks and cut down the sales cycle by interacting with prospects at key moments with relevant content.
Sales tracking

Refine your social selling strategy using data.

Integrate your social selling initiatives into your global business strategy and measure the impact.
For Social Selling

Track Lead Generation

Add UTM tags on sharable contents and see how many leads are generated by individuals or teams, as well as the conversion rates of those leads. This tracking system will help you to adapt your messaging.

Chase Your Best Channel

Show which social media channels are driving you the best engagement rates, the most conversions, leads, and sales with a customized dashboard. It helps you to effectively improve the distribution of your content.

Measure Brand Awareness

Measure the level of brand awareness generated through content shared by your teams. A global dashboard will help you to highlight how many times your brand has been seen by potential prospects on social media.

Nurture Your Prospects

Track points of contact generated by shared content adapted to the level of maturity of your prospects, and see the lead evolution until conversion. This will give you a sense of impact on your sales cycles.

Encourage healthy sales competition.

Drive social selling adoption for your entire team with a smart gamification system. Sociabble’s social selling platform comes with the tools built-in.
For Social Selling

Create a Point System

Incentivize your sellers to take certain actions such as sharing content or generating leads. These points are translated into a leaderboard, which provides a clear picture of who the top sellers are.

Host Internal Competitions

Create friendly competition among sales teams by hosting a contest that rewards employees who generate the most leads or the highest engagement rates on social media (reach, clicks, likes, traffic metrics.)

Provide Rewards

Reward employees with multi-level badges when they take specific actions. You can also incentivize your teams with rewards that make sense to them like offering trees planted in real forests.
Thought leadership

Transform your execs into thought leaders on social media.

Delegate content creation and social sharing to save executives' time, set a positive example for employee advocacy, and foster executive network growth.

Save Executives Time

Delegate the executives' internal content creation and external publication on social networks to designated employees within the organization. Make social media sharing totally painless.

Set the Right Example

Get buy-in for the employee advocacy program by setting the right example internally with top management. Generate enthusiasm around sharing on social networks with your employees.

Develop Executive Network

Fueling executive social growth with regular posting will help unleash the power of social media networking. Build relationships and connect with other business leaders, future hires, prospects, etc.


Sociabble’s employee communication solution addresses large organizations‘ needs with multi-country, multi-language, large governance, and scalability needs.

Sociabble offers comprehensive metrics including user activitycontent impressionsuser interactions, and newsletter effectiveness.

You can also track license usagechannel preferencescontent source engagement, and tag utilization. We provide analytics for contests, badges, quizzes, and polls, to maximize user engagement and productivity.

Sociabble effortlessly integrates with various social media feeds and news sources, thanks to our continuous investment in third-party content aggregation.

With us, you can easily integrate feeds from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vkontakte, and SlideShare, along with RSS feeds. Our platform also supports user and admin generated content like internal news, polls, and quizzes.

We’ve established official agreements with social networks to ensure GDPR compliance. All this content is neatly organized and easily accessible on both web & mobile, making Sociabble a handy tool for empowering your employees.

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Want to see Sociabble in action?

Our experts will answer your questions and guide you through a platform demo.