Content Marketing for Lead Generation with and without Sociabble

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Looking at Content Marketing for Lead Generation with and without Sociabble

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Most companies are aware of the additional visibility they will gain by launching employee advocacy. But though branding is the primary objective for some organizations, for most it’s not enough to justify investing in an advocacy platform. Therefore, the question most companies ask is why is brand advocacy worth investing in when we already do so much social media marketing? Could content marketing help?

This is the question we’re going to address in this post. We will explore how the Sociabble platform goes beyond the generation of additional visibility; providing a flexible content channel structure designed with social selling in mind and offering integration capabilities that allow companies to synchronize brand advocacy with existing listening, lead generation and customer relationship tools.

Does Your Content Marketing Look Like This?

Let’s start by looking at your marketing activity as it stands. It’s possible that you use listening tools to identify relevant topics and shape your content production strategy. And it wouldn’t surprise us if the content you subsequently produce is shared on paid social media as well as organic communication channels. As for your lead nurturing strategy, it probably involves email campaigns, social selling initiatives; a lead tracking tool or a combination of these things.

Content Marketing for Lead Generation with and without Sociabble

This all makes for a lot of activity and a significant amount of data that needs someone needs to track and act upon.

However, linking these stages in a truly efficient way is easier said than done. This includes stages such as social listening, content production, sharing, lead generation and nurturing. This is why the Sociabble brand advocacy platform has been designed to enhance and optimize companies’ existing content marketing ecosystems.



Marketing Activity: An Integrated System with Sociabble

By aggregating content that comes from company social media accounts, RSS feeds and listening tools; Sociabble enables you to consolidate company-specific news as well as third-party content. Moreover, the platform’s channel structure allows you to organize this content according to criteria such as product line, business unit or client conversation. This makes it easy for social sellers to search for and share relevant content that ties in with conversations they are having with prospects at various stages of the sales funnel; as well as to strengthen relationships with existing customers by sharing content they know will resonate.

Beyond providing statistics on user engagement; Sociabble allows you to connect to lead tracking tools in order to identify who engages with the content that other users share via the platform. Sociabble also integrates with tools such as Salesforce; allowing you to obtain data relating to end user engagement and filter that information into your existing CRM infrastructure. For example, sales teams who use LinkedIn Sales Navigator can combine inbound and outbound marketing. Therefore using the data provided by Sociabble to conduct further research into relevant leads; and, based on the content that triggered engagement, follow up with them by sharing additional content via the Sociabble platform.

Content Marketing for Lead Generation with and without Sociabble

Employees have an average of 200 connections per social network.

So with a community of 200 employee advocates on Sociabble, each of whom shares 15 times over the course of one month; the potential number of impressions generated is 600 000. These impressions constitute a huge boost for the visibility generated by existing content marketing initiatives; not least because content shared by employees is viewed with more trust than that which comes from social ads.

Most companies need employee advocacy to boost more than just brand awareness; which is why the design of Sociabble is to drive social selling and integrate with companies’ existing lead tracking and CRM tools. And because successful employee advocacy goes beyond the platform itself; we also offer a Customer Success program that includes training, technical project management and communication support. To learn more about this, as well as how to get the most ROI on your employee advocacy initiative, contact us.

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