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Indian coworkers collaborating on a laptop in a modern work environment
 Blog ~ 7 min

Content: The Nerve Centre of Good Employee Communication

If your organization were a human body, employee communication would form the skeleton that holds it all together; and content…

Sociabble eBook : Sociabble as an alternative to Workplace from Meta

Transitioning to Something Better: Sociabble as an Alternative to Workplace from Meta

Worried about the end of Workplace? Don’t be. This guide will explain the benefits of Sociabble and help you make…

 Blog ~ 9 min

Transitioning Your Teams from Workplace from Meta in India to a Platform that comes with Local Consultancy & Support

With Workplace from Meta shutting down, companies are searching for alternatives which are not only technically superior but also come…

 Blog ~ 8 min

Workplace from Meta Shutdown in India: An Opportunity to Merge Your Internal Communication & Employee Advocacy

With Workplace from Meta shutting down, many companies are left feeling overwhelmed. But this could in fact be a blessing…

 Blog ~ 8 min

Workplace from Meta Closing Down? Explore Alternatives that Support Regional Communication in India

With Workplace from Meta shutting down, many companies are left wondering where to go next. In this article, we’ll guide…

Young woman sitting in a conference room and smiling while looking at her laptop screen
 Blog ~ 10 min

After Workplace from META: Move to a Platform that Seamlessly Integrates with Your Microsoft Environment in India

Many companies rely on both Workplace from Meta, and a Microsoft ecosystem to keep things running smoothly. But with the…


50+ Simple Prompts to Address Key Internal Communication Challenges for 2024

AI isn’t the future anymore—it’s right here and right now. And in order to master this new technology and stay…

 Blog ~ 9 min

New Year, New Comms: The Top Internal Communications Trends for 2024

A new year means new trends, and that includes internal communications, too. In this article, we’ll explore what 2024 promises…

 Blog ~ 9 min

Branded Mobile Apps: A Game Changer for Internal Communication & Employee Engagement

A branded app is more than just a nice bonus when it comes to employee engagement. It’s a crucial component…

 Blog ~ 10 min

What is Business Communication, and How to Improve It

A company is a bit like an organism. And business communication is like the nervous system that keeps the different…

 Blog ~ 6 min

New award for Edenred’s “Red Boat Trip Challenge” campaign, developed with Sociabble!

At Sociabble, we are both pleased and proud to announce that we have won a new award together with our…