Internal communication

How to improve internal communication and increase productivity with internal communication insights
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The secret of hypergrowth champions

Fast-growing companies thrive with employee communication & advocacy.

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The employee communication RFP template

Compare employee communication platforms with our RFP template.

What is Interpersonal Communication?
 Blog ~ 6 min

What is Interpersonal Communication?

So what is interpersonal communication? How can it be improved, to help companies make the way employees and management interact…

Which Managerial Skills Matter in the New Work Environment?
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Which Managerial Skills Matter in the New Work Environment?

New managerial skills are now essential for managers to cope with the changes taking place in the world of work.…

Organizational Communication: How to Set up the Right Governance
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Organizational Communication: How to Set up the Right Governance

Organizational communication isn’t always simple. And one of the things that often stands in the way of effective Employee Communication…

Employee Communications: How to Address Employees at the Global and Local Level
 Blog ~ 5 min

Employee Communications: How to Address Employees at the Global and Local Level

Employee communications is necessary no matter how small or how large the company. Keeping employees informed and engaged is just…

mobile app
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9 Reasons Why Employee Communication Apps are important

These days, having a mobile employee communications app for your internal communication and employee advocacy platform isn’t just a good…

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Get informed & influential employees on Teams & Yammer

Explores how companies that use Microsoft Teams and Yammer can easily leverage external content.

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Employee communications: the missing link in your strategy

Evolve your employee communication strategy successfully.

Enterprise Chat: Sociabble
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Enterprise Chat: Sociabble, A Game-Changer in Employee Communication

At Sociabble, we’ve always worked closely with our clients, and listened to their needs, to ensure that our platform has the…

Sociabble’s Latest Integration Brings Enhanced Employee Communication & Engagement Capabilities to Microsoft Teams
 Blog ~ 6 min

Using Microsoft Teams for internal communications with Sociabble

Microsoft Teams is already used by thousands of companies and millions of employees around the world for collaborative communication. And…

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How to structure the digital workplace

Learn all the techniques, tips, and tools you need to create an effective Digital Workplace for your business.

Frequently asked questions

The essentials of internal communication

In addition to internal communication insights here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

The main factors of effective communication are clarity, conciseness, consistency, completeness, and consideration, which ensure that messages are understood, impactful, and appropriately tailored to the audience.

The most common channel of communication varies depending on the context, but email is generally considered the most prevalent and widely used channel for professional and business communication. However, email has many limitations. Other communication channels allow greater freedom in transmitting information.

Good communication skills encompass active listening, clarity in expressing ideas, empathy, adaptability, non-verbal communication, and the ability to articulate thoughts effectively, fostering clear and meaningful interactions.

  • Employee mobile app
  • Internal newsletter
  • Employee surveys
  • Enterprise chat
  • Company newsfeed and content aggregation
  • Microsoft tools integration
  • Employee recognition & reward system
  • Onboarding system
  • Multilingual translation
  • Video and Live broadcast platform
  1. Assess your current situation
  2. Define your internal communication goals
  3. Identify and segment your audience
  4. Outline your messages
  5. Build an internal communication strategy
  6. Select relevant communication channels
  7. Choose the appropriate internal communication tool
  8. Set timeline and budget
  9. Analyze and adapt best practices for internal communication
  10. Measure, analyze, and improve

An internal communications strategy establishes the business goals that center on employee communication, and lays out the steps needed to achieve them.

The main purpose of an intranet is to enhance internal communication, knowledge sharing, document management, collaboration, and resource access. However, utilizing additional tools can offer enhanced functionality and features beyond its limitations.

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