#1NightOfZen: Asus Launches a Social Wall to Promote the Zenfone 2


#1NightOfZen: Asus Launches a Social Wall to Promote the Zenfone 2 | Sociabble

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#1NightOfZen: Asus Launches a Social Wall to Promote the Zenfone 2

On Thursday July 30, 2015, something unusual happened in Paris. Asus invited a selection of hand-picked influencers to walk through the French capital at night and take photographs of city landmarks using the new Zenfone 2. The initiative was designed to boost visibility for the #100DaysOfZen campaign; as well as to celebrate the partnership between Asus and the photographer Robert Jahn.

In order to make the most of the content produced by influencers, Asus has launched a Social Wall; which allows visitors to an Asus mini-site to share the photos on their own social network accounts using the hashtag #1NightOfZen. The initiative is part of the global #100DaysOfZen campaign. A campaign which sees photomontage specialist Robert Jahns travel around the world between July 6 and October 13; taking photographs as he goes to showcase the quality of the new Zenfone 2.



The Social Wall is a public version of the Sociabble brand advocacy platform that aggregates brand content on a single interface and allows all website visitors to share posts on any of their own social networks. Easily embedded and particularly suited to events; the Social Wall also enables companies to boost content marketing by driving social media activity directly from brand websites.

To find out more, discover how L’Oréal and Microsoft have also incorporated the Social Wall into their online communication strategies.

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