3 Ways to Drive Motivation through Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy

3 Ways to Drive Motivation through Employee Advocacy

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This great article by Undercover Recruiter outlines three simple ways to motivate employees. We really enjoyed the piece, and would like to explore how employee advocacy relates to the three points covered. Employee advocacy isn’t just a powerful amplification tool for marketers; it’s a digital transformation initiative that readies all departments for social business, while at the same time improving internal communication, collaboration and productivity. Here’s why.

1 – Humanize the Organization through User-Generated Content

As the Undercover Recruiter article rightly points out, “having a ‘human workplace’ can change the way your employees view their work”. Every individual wants to have an impact, and employee advocacy makes it easy for them to do just that. How? By sharing their own insights, experience and expertise.

On the Sociabble employee advocacy platform, employees don’t just share company content – they can create their own, too. If they find a great article on the web, they can import it. If they take photos of day-to-day office life or company events, they can also upload them. And if they simply have an idea to put out there, they can create a new piece of content from scratch. Administrators decide which content is published on the platform, and whether it is available for sharing or not. In addition to external social media, content can be shared on enterprise social networks such as Yammer, while employees can like and comment on internal content.

2 – Strike a Balance between Company and Third Party Insights

The Undercover Recruiter article talks about keeping employees sane in order to boost productivity. Indeed, it’s important that individuals don’t get stuck in their own bubble, or that of the company. An employee advocacy platform can be used to draw in content from third party sources that relates to relevant topics, making it easy for employees to follow the industry trends and developments taking place beyond the four walls of their own office.

On Sociabble, for example, you can connect content curation tools (including Curata and Scoop.it) and create themed channels. This therefore makes it easy for employees to follow key topics, and expand their industry awareness. In many cases (particularly when it comes to social selling), having access to such a wide range of content also helps individuals to develop an image of expertise, work towards business objectives online, and engage with professional connections on social media.



3 – Instill Purpose and Potential by Centralizing All Communication

Undercover Recruiter is right to point out that “sharing the ‘bigger picture’ with employees will lead to higher motivation and productivity”. An employee advocacy platform makes it easy for you to centralize everything going on at your company; it enables you to break down silos between departments, locations and hierarchies.

Sociabble acts as a one-stop engagement hub for your employees; one that keeps them in the know about everything taking place. Maybe your company has involvement in an outreach program with colleges and universities; perhaps there’s also an event going on in a specific location. Maybe a member of the product development team has written a guest blog post; or the CEO has too. The Sociabble platform makes it easy for you to aggregate all company content and internal communication; and for your employees to discover things they might otherwise have been unaware of.

With instant access to the web almost all of the time, your employees have never been more up to date on what’s important to them. The next step? Creating a truly digital experience that streamlines internal communication, and that drives motivation, as well as collaboration.

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