How do You Attract the Top Talent? Increase Employee Engagement.

Employee Engagement

How do You Attract the Top Talent? Increase Employee Engagement

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Here on the Sociabble blog, we talk quite a bit about the importance of employee engagement. After all, engaged employees are generally better informed, more productive, and make the best ambassadors for your brand. In short, they’re exactly the kind of employees a company needs to be successful. But there’s another benefit to employee engagement as well, one that doesn’t always get as much ink as the others. And that’s the fact that employee engagement is also a critical factor in attracting top talent.


Finding that Hidden Talent

Attracting the very best people for the job is a challenge that all companies face. To that end, money is often spent on advertising and recruiting, and precious time is devoted to interviewing rounds of candidates and sorting through sheaves of CVs. But one of the best ways to attract top talent—one that is often overlooked—is simple word of mouth. That is to say, referrals from current employees who believe in the company’s mission and share in its passion. Which is why employee engagement can play a huge role.


Employee Engagement is the Key

A recent Gallup article  clearly spells out the case for using employee engagement as a means of attracting top talent. When employees speak genuinely and convincingly about why their organization is a great place to work, that tends to attract the ideal candidates. Top candidates are generally looking for more than just a salary and benefits; they want to work at a company that shares their values and offers opportunities for personal growth, both of which are often best communicated by engaged employees who serve as advocates and ambassadors. This same study found that:

– Employees with a strong connection to their organization show higher levels of engagement

– Engaged employees are more likely to refer friends to their organization

– 71% of workers say that they use referrals from current employees to learn about job opportunities

So if you needed any more convincing as to the benefits of employee engagement, the fact that it helps bring in the top talent is just one more plus to throw into the mix.

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