Boost the Success of Employee Advocacy with Sociabble’s Customer Success Program

Employee Advocacy

Boosting the Success of Employee Advocacy with Sociabble’s Customer Success Program

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Successful employee advocacy goes far beyond the launch of an employee advocacy platform. It involves establishing organizational roles, educating employees about best practices, social selling, and personal branding and implementing a long-term optimization strategy based on defined objectives and KPIs. This is why the Sociabble Customer Success Program provides companies with essential support before, during, and after the launch of the Sociabble Employee Advocacy Platform.

The Sociabble Customer Success Program is built on four key axes: project management, technical management, change management, and communication.

Project Management

Before launching an employee advocacy initiative, addressing certain questions is necessary. For example, what are the objectives and KPIs of employee advocacy? Will gamification be incorporated and if so, how? Which social network accounts, blog feeds, and third party sources will you use to aggregate content and how will you organize onto channels?

The Sociabble customer success team works with companies before the platform is launched in order to answer these questions. And once their employee advocacy program is underway, Sociabble helps companies to track KPIs and adjust their content marketing strategy according to what works and what doesn’t.



Technical Management

For most companies, a key priority when launching an employee advocacy platform is synchronizing it with existing internal communication tools. The Sociabble customer success team therefore coordinates with companies’ IT departments in order to ensure the successful synchronization of the Sociabble employee advocacy platform with existing CRM, social listening, and lead tracking tools such as Yammer, Chatter and SalesForce.

Change Management

When launching an employee advocacy initiative, one of the most important things to consider is how skillful employees already are on social media and how you want them to develop their existing skills. The Sociabble customer success team works with companies to identify active and inactive social media users and come up with a long-term engagement strategy.

This engagement strategy goes beyond showing employees how to use the Sociabble platform. It involves training employees in how to communicate on social media in order to showcase their expertise, boost their influence, and use social selling to unlock new business opportunities.


If an employee advocacy program is to be successful, it needs to get off to the best of starts. From posters to flyers, videos to email campaigns; the Sociabble customer success team works with companies to devise a personalized launch strategy. However, communication doesn’t stop there; our teams touch base regularly with companies to create engaging communication initiatives about new content, features, and gamification initiatives launched on the Sociabble platform.

More and more companies are understanding the potential of employee advocacy. But for each company, the strategy needed to achieve that potential is different. This is why our customer success team helps companies to launch and animate the Sociabble platform in a way that works for them. To find out more about the Sociabble Customer Success Program, simply contact us.

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