Why Brand Advocacy Makes for a Better Customer Experience

Brand Advocacy

Discover How To Use Brand Advocacy to Make a Better Customer Experience

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Social media is…well, social.  It enhances your ability to communicate with clients, respond to their questions and showcase your expertise. What better way to do this than by getting your employees on board?  After all, they know your company better than anyone. When it comes to social media, you might do more typing than talking.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t establish a personal customer experience.  On the contrary, in order to remain competitive it is essential that you do just that.



Employee Advocates: It’s what they know…

As your most informed brand advocates, employees can put a human face on what has traditionally been a very corporate process.  By bringing in their own company knowledge and expertise, they can personalize the customer experience, bringing it into line with the open, democratic practices that dominate today’s digital world.

Enabling your employees to participate in social media discussions is therefore essential to creating and maintaining a productive relationship with clients.  Not only can employees help research and identify prospects, but through offering their own insights and advice they can drive richer, more regular discussions with existing customers.

And who they know…

92% of social media users trust content that is shared by people they know.  That’s why, on social media, employee networks constitute a crucial sales target.  Employees communicate openly and honestly with their personal connections.  So when they share company content on their own social networks, it creates a brand image of authenticity and accountability.

This reflects positively on your company culture.  Indeed, by opening the door to employee networks, brand advocacy allows you to tap into an environment built on trust; an environment in which prospects, buyers and observers are more likely to respond to your content because they know the people sharing it.

The future may be digital, but human communication has never been more important

It is for the very reason that most companies are active on social media that personalizing the customer experience offers a competitive advantage.  Consumers are often overwhelmed by the choice available to them online; and can be discouraged when the gap between them and the company they are dealing with is too large.  Engaging your employees as brand advocates better enables you to bridge this gap.

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