Building brand credibility with employee advocacy

Brand Advocacy

How Do You Build Brand Credibility? Let Your Employees Do the Talking

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Gaining credibility in the market place should be a goal of every modern company. Credibility is important for winning the trust of customers and potential clients, but also for attracting and keeping dedicated employees. However, generating that brand credibility is something many companies continue to struggle with. So what’s the best way to build confidence in your brand? Employee advocacy can play an important role.


Building Trust in a Difficult Landscape

According to a recent article published in the Harvard Business Review, a key component of brand credibility is employee advocacy. One study found that only 19% of employees feel that their work experience is matched by how their companies promote themselves publicly. And only 12% of employees put a lot of trust in what companies say about themselves. Those are hard numbers to go up against. The best way to build trust in this landscape, though, is by letting your own employees speak for themselves. To use their own voices to create a positive impression.


Employee Advocacy Lends Credibility

A smart solution mentioned in the article is to involve employees in the creation of blog and social media content. In one instance mentioned, a company was able to increase its following by 600% when it turned its Snapchat account over to employees to give an actual view of company culture. Moves like this can make a difference. According to a study cited, 50% of employees who think their company delivers on its promise use their own social media channels to talk about their employer, while only 32% do at companies where employees feel the promise is not delivered.


The Right Employee Advocacy Platform

In order to increase this kind of employee advocacy, the right platform is crucial. And to maximize the reach of employee communications, an aggregated content stream can do wonders. At Sociabble, we offer a full-service employee advocacy platform, complete with total social media integration and CSM support. It allows you to aggregate both company and employee-generated content, organize it into interest-based channels, and make it sharable on virtually any social media outlet with a single click.  It helps employees enhance their digital footprint, while simultaneously giving companies more external visibility and awareness—thus increasing their credibility among employees and consumers alike.


If you’d like to see firsthand how Sociabble can help increase employee advocacy at your company, you can download a free demo here.


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