Building Bridges: Making Sure Ex-Employees Don’t Become Ex-Employee Advocates


Building Bridges and Making Sure Ex-Employees Don’t Become Ex-Employee Advocates

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Are employees who have left your company no longer employee advocates? Not according to Hani Olsen. In this great article published on LinkedIn Pulse, she explores how individual employees can continue to advocate for companies they have worked for once they have moved on.

The piece focuses on the “value of ex-employees as advocates” and the importance of maintaining, not burning, bridges. Fundamentally, this is dependent on the experience employees have with a company in the first place. If employees enjoy their time working at a company, and are grateful for the skills, knowledge and relationships they gain; this will be reflected in how they communicate about the company if and when they choose to leave.



As social beings, we often talk about ex-employers with former colleagues, friends, and people who approach us for advice about applying for a job at that company. So while they may no longer be registered members of a dedicated employee advocacy platform and related engagement initiatives; companies can and should invite ex-employees can to spread the word about it. Along with what the company does and what it’s like to be a part of the organization.

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