Content Marketing: How to Get it Right

Content Marketing

Content Marketing: How to Get it Right

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Content marketing is an invaluable tool that many companies are taking advantage of. However, for content marketers to get the most out of their efforts, they have to do things the right way. A study by the Content Marketing Institute reveals the best strategies for content marketing for technology companies, although the principles can be broadly applied.

 Defining your Content Marketing Strategy

The first question to ask yourself is if you have a clearly defined content marketing strategy. Only 46% of content marketers stated that their company had a strategy for effective content marketing. Of those who had a strategy, 62%[1] were considered to be effective at content marketing. Compared to an effectiveness rate of only 14%[2] for those who employed no strategy. When looking at these stats, it is clear that having a documented strategy for content marketing helps your company reach more people and succeed.

But just because you have a strategy, doesn’t mean it’s an effective one. In fact, the study demonstrated that although the most used content marketing tactic was social media (91%[3] of all technology content marketers use it), they did not even rank it amongst the top 10 most effective content marketing tactics. What implications does this have? Well, as with everything else in business, resources are always a limiting factor. The content marketing tools which were rated most effective (webinars/webcasts, videos, case studies and in-person events) in general require much more resources than creating and posting content to social media. As with many instances, those who use a combination of all different tactics tend to be most effective.

 Which Platform to Use?

Among platforms where the content is shared, LinkedIn comes in as the most used to spread your content. Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook come second through fourth, respectively. The key takeaway here seems quite obvious. That the more platforms you use to spread your content, the more people you can reach with your message. There are still companies who do not exhaust all of their possibilities in terms of number of platforms used. But those companies who are able to use more platforms tend to reach more people. So to optimize your content marketing strategy, make sure you use every platform at your disposal.

So, now that we have all this information what do we do with it? The message seems somewhat clear: have a documented content marketing strategy, produce content that is effective, both in terms of cost and reaching your target audience, and finally, spread it using all the social networks at your disposal. Following these steps can greatly improve your content marketing, and help you reach your goals.


[1] All statistics taken from Technology B2B Content Marketing 2014, published by the Content Marketing Institute

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