Create and Synchronize Multiple Sociabble Networks

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Create and Synchronize Multiple Sociabble Networks

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Sociabble gives companies a brand advocacy experience with a difference. As well as aggregating company content and inviting users to share it on any of their own social networks, companies may create dedicated Sociabble platforms for specific advocate communities.



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Sociabble’s new multiple network functionality allows companies to create and synchronize parallel sharing communities according to their marketing objectives, tailoring social streams and gamification campaigns to specific advocate groups. Multiple employee advocacy platforms can be created according to division, job function or location; while companies may also synchronize employee advocate networks with communities of external partners and influencers.

For example, companies in the consumer goods industry can coordinate employee advocacy platforms with parallel communities for top fans. Meanwhile, telecoms and healthcare firms can complement employee advocacy with additional partner networks; creating content libraries which, though synchronized, are adapted to the needs and interests of different user groups.

Administrators may also invite individual users to sign-up to multiple sharing communities.  Users who belong to more than one Sociabble network can personalize the channels they see on each platform and may switch easily between them using the ‘Other Networks’ drop-down tab on the platform’s homepage.  Though their user details and social network accounts remain the same; points accrued, leaderboard positions and challenges are specific to individual communities.

The introduction of parallel Sociabble networks is a significant development; as it allows companies to create multiple communities of ambassadors and tailor content to these communities according to specific marketing objectives.

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