Customized Leaderboard Exports on Sociabble

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Customized Leaderboard Exports on Sociabble

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In addition to accessing leaderboards directly on the platform, administrators on Sociabble can now select a start and end date in order to export a list of top users for a specific period of time. They also have the option of narrowing this list down to users who have achieved a minimum number of points.

For example, an administrator might choose to export a list of all users who have achieved at least 200 points between September 15 and September 30. Alternatively, they may wish to export a list of all users for that period; without defining a minimum amount of points. Of course, in this case users will still be listed in order of points scored.



These exports are an important extension of the leaderboards administrators can view on the Sociabble platform, which display the top ten users for the past day, week, month and quarter. So with access to ready-made leaderboards on the platform as well as customizable exports, Sociabble administrators enjoy comprehensive visibility into their top performing brand advocates.

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