A Day in the Life of an Employee Advocate on Sociabble

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A Day in the Life of an Employee Advocate on Sociabble

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Social media is a thread that weaves its way through the average person’s day. What’s more, three quarters of companies say that they use social media for business purposes. So in light of this, don’t you think it makes perfect sense to combine these two facts? Here’s an example of how engaging employees to become employee advocates can enhance existing company communication initiatives. Read on to discover a day in the life of an employee on Sociabble.

The Life of Employee Advocates

Rise and Shine…and Share

You will tell me that everyone’s day starts in the same way: we wake up, have a shower, eat breakfast and go to work. You’re right, but you’re forgetting something. You’re forgetting one of the first things most people do when they get up: checking social media.

This is exactly what John does every morning. John is 28 years-old, lives in the NYC suburbs and works as a developer for an IT company. Millennials like John live with the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), so they are always connected and frequently share what they see.

Every minute counts in the morning, right? When John wakes up, in order to get specific news about his company, as well as insights that are pertinent to him, he checks his Sociabble account for all the latest brand content. This saves him precious time visiting multiple sites in search of useful information.


A Day in the Life of an Employee Advocate on Sociabble

After having a shower and eating breakfast, it’s time for John to go to work. Headphones on, bag on his back, he walks to the train station while reading news on his smartphone, and sees a new infographic about Millennials and Social Media posted on Sociabble. As he knows that his friends have similar interests to him, he opts for posting it on his own Facebook account very quickly, before his train arrives, thanks to the one-click sharing button on the Sociabble platform.



Online and Off to Work

Public transport goes slowly, so John decides to read an article about new software that will make his job easier and save him time. As it concerns his profession, he prefers to share it on his LinkedIn account and on his Twitter account, both of which he uses for professional purposes.

A Day in the Life of an Employee Advocate on Sociabble

Once at the office, John turns on his computer and launches the software he needs. After an hour working on a project, he comes up against an obstacle that blocks him. He decides to look for a solution on the Internet and finds it in a great blog article. As he knows that this obstacle could also be experienced by his colleagues, he passes the article on to his Sociabble administrator, who publishes it on the platform. The article is now available to all John’s colleagues on the Sociabble channel dedicated to third-party content.

John’s company is a thriving business. They need new talent to develop and become more efficient, so have many job offers. Sociabble admins created a challenge whereby job offers are put under the spotlight. This means that when someone shares a job offer, they earn two or three times more points than they do for sharing other posts. John has connections who work in the same industry and thinks that they have interesting profiles for his company. Given that there is a challenge running, he chooses to share the job offers on all his social networks in order to pass the information on to his friends and former colleagues, but also to try and climb up the leaderboard, become the top Sociabble advocate and win the monthly prize.

Home Again, Share Again

At the end of his working day, John goes home and lets off some steam, but the social media connection doesn’t stop. He often browses his newsfeed with his feet up while watching TV. This second screen behavior is common for millennials like John. While watching TV, John sees an interesting post on the Sociabble IT market channel, which he decides to share in order to improve his personal brand and support his company’s social selling initiative. After one final check of his social media accounts, John goes to bed and falls asleep before doing the same thing the next day.

A Day in the Life of an Employee Advocate on Sociabble


Managers could be scared by allowing their employees to spend so much time on social media. But rest assured, by consulting all company social media content in the blink of an eye and sharing it in a matter of clicks, John has relayed five pieces of content and, given that he has an average of 300 connections on each of his social networks, has reached over a thousand people. Now consider the fact that John’s colleagues, who are also on Sociabble, share a similar amount on a daily basis. His company has unlocked new audiences, amplified its online presence, and empowered employees as thought leaders and brand advocates.

Want to have your employees engaged with your company from sunrise to sunset? Contact us to discuss launching your own program to create employee advocates with Sociabble. You can also read case studies on how Microsoft and Sage have launched employee advocacy on a global scale.

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