Doctor, Doctor: I Think I’m (Coming) Down with Employee Advocacy

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Doctor, Doctor: I Think I’m (Coming) Down with Employee Advocacy

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It has been brought to our attention that companies the world over are experiencing a number of unusual symptoms. These symptoms are both internal and external, and are the direct result of an increasingly common condition known as “employee advocacy”. Think you might be coming down with it? Please refer to the symptoms listed below.

  1. You’re experiencing an increase in the number of leads who say they discovered your company through a great piece of content shared by an employee. They often attribute this to the fact that they know and therefore trust, the employee; or their appreciation of the added insights provided by the employee who shared the content.
  2. More and more of your customers are engaging with your content on social media; saying the fact that it is often shared with them by their contact at the company (as opposed to the brand account) means it is better tailored to their interests and needs. In correlation with this, you have recorded an increase in the number of client renewals.
  3. A rising number of job candidates are applying for open positions at your company, or reaching out to you; because they say a contact of theirs shared a great piece of content that caught their attention. In many cases, candidates also explain what was attractive to them about the company; because employees who communicate about their employer indicate that the company is worth working for.
  4. You’ve seen a sharp rise in social media followers and website traffic, which can be put down to a) the visibility gained thanks to employees sharing among personal networks, b) the fact that content is viewed with more trust (see point 1), or c) a mixture of points a and b.
  5. Your employees are noticeably more informed about company-wide activity and engaged in what they do. There has been a noticeable rise in collaboration between teams; which can only be due to the fact that employees’ sharing activity has boosted internal communication and innovation.



If one or many of these symptoms sounds familiar to you, we’re afraid you’ve caught (onto) employee advocacy and there’s no going back. We recommend consulting case studies and publications for further information.

If, however, these symptoms are unfamiliar, you’re in real trouble and must contact us in order to discuss employee advocacy in greater detail. Failure to do so may have serious consequences on your company’s online presence, reputation and success moving forward.

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