Upcoming Webinar: Driving Results Through Employee Advocacy

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How To Drive Results Through Employee Advocacy

Upcoming Webinar: Driving Results Through Employee Advocacy



On Tuesday November 24th 2015, Sociabble and the Social Tools Summit will host a joint webinar.

How to Drive Results across Business Units through Employee Advocacy. The webinar will take place at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 8pm CET.

During the webinar Marylin Montoya, VP Marketing and Partnerships at Sociabble, and Neal Schaffer, Co-Founder of the Social Tools Summit, will discuss why it’s not just the marketing department that benefits from employee advocacy. They will also explore how Sales, HR and other departments can boost their activity by engaging employee advocates; as well as what companies need to do when planning for a cross-functional employee advocacy program.

The webinar comes a month after the highly successful Social Tools Summit in San Francisco, which saw the Sociabble brand advocacy platform voted “Best Fit” ahead of a number of other social media tools.



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