Employee Advocacy for Employer Branding

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Employee Advocacy for Employer Branding

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Engaging employees to share recruitment opportunities on social media helps companies to target highly qualified audiences. This is because employees’ social media connections include people who work in the same industry, or have similar experience and interests.

However, for recruiters the benefits of employee advocacy go beyond reaching qualified audiences. Targeting candidates who could be right for your company is of little use if you don’t share content that engages those candidates. This is why, as well as reaching the right audiences, employee advocacy enables HR departments to showcase their employer brand through great content that is shared on trusted networks.

Social Recruitment: A Two-Way Street

Just as individual users need to develop an online brand that showcases their skills, expertise and experience, companies too must communicate about their story and what it’s like to be a member of the team. It’s therefore in recruiters’ best interests to produce and promote content that showcases the organization’s culture, values and activity. The aim should be to present as clear an idea of the employer brand as possible, so that potential candidates understand the sort of company they’re engaging with.

Employer Branding and the Importance of Being Open on Social Media

Has your company been featured in a report on workplace culture? If so, get talking about it! Got some great video footage of a recent company event? Then publish it! Pleased with the work the IT department has done recently? Blog about it! In short, make sure you jump on every opportunity to communicate about how your company ticks.



Ok, But What about Employee Advocacy?

The great thing about employee advocacy is that it allows recruiters to boost the visibility not just of job offers; but also of all content that provides an insight into the employer brand. Moreover, engaging employees to share such content enables the latter to diffuse in a far more personal way. After all, employees know the company better than anyone else, so can add their own comments and follow up by engaging directly in conversation with end users.

Sociabble: Employee Advocacy with Social Recruitment in Mind

Sociabble is an employee advocacy platform designed to enhance the social media activity of all company departments. For HR, this means promoting recruitment opportunities, as well as blogs, updates and videos that showcase the employer brand. Content can be filtered onto themed channels to which users subscribe, while points, challenges and campaigns contribute to a highly visual, dynamic and engaging user experience.

Contact us for further information, or to arrange a demo of the Sociabble employee advocacy platform.

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