Employee Advocacy: The Future of Social Business

Employee Advocacy

The Future of Social Business With Employee Advocacy

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Now that social media is an established part of business workflows, how can companies engage audiences through more content and less advertising? With paid media prices rising as organic reach decreases, how can businesses stay visible without spending excessively; and especially without relying on brand accounts alone?

The answer lies in more personal communication, of which employee advocacy is a key example.

By aggregating company content and making it available to share, employee advocacy enables companies to empower employees as brand ambassadors; ambassadors who share success stories they’re involved in, demonstrate industry awareness, and draw attention to their own skills and activity.

But employee advocacy isn’t just about boosting the company’s social media presence. Employees’ sharing activity better enables them to connect with and engage professional connections on social media; as well as boost their own credibility.



In an article written by us for b2bmarketingexpo.co.uk, we explore how social media is changing the way companies reach and interact with online audiences, and how employee advocacy can help them to overcome the challenges involved in staying both visible and relevant on social media. You can read the article here.

We are attending the B2B Marketing Expo in London on May 11th and 12th; where we will host a seminar on how to drive marketing and sales through the voice of your employees. Event attendees will also have the opportunity to meet the team and see live demos of the Sociabble platform in action. Register for free here.

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