What’s More Important: Employee Advocacy Technology or Employee Advocacy Strategy?

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What’s More Important: Employee Advocacy Technology or Employee Advocacy Strategy?

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When launching an employee advocacy initiative, there are several things the chosen platform should offer. These things include an ergonomic interface, easy sharing, gamification, advanced analytics, user segmentation, and post scheduling. However, even if the platform ticks all the boxes from a technical point of view, you still cannot guarantee the success of the program. Beyond great employee advocacy technology, you need a great employee advocacy strategy.

Even the Best Technology Can’t Replace Human Input

Regardless if your employee advocacy platform automatically aggregates all the latest company and third-party content and makes it easy for employees to share; even if employees can personalize and schedule posts, and share content across social networks, the fact that they do so at all is far from guaranteed. There are certain questions that one needs to ask, answer, and ask again in order to ensure long-term user engagement.

One of the very first questions to ask is what the key objectives of your employee advocacy program are. Is the aim to promote content that comes from marketing departments, sales teams, recruiters, or a mixture of all three? Will there be dedicated channels for internal communication and if so, how many?

Other questions include: what is the content that interests our employees, and that they will want to share? How should we organize content channels, and newsletters that summarize the latest content on the platform? What sort of campaigns and challenges are most likely to interest our employees? These are questions that humans, not technology, must answer.



Sociabble: A Service that Goes beyond Technology

At Sociabble, we don’t just give you an employee advocacy platform and let you run with it. We offer Customer Success workshops and consulting to help you think beyond the technology involved. Our dedicated Customer Success team works with you to define the business objectives of your employee advocacy program, evaluate KPIs once the platform has been launched, and optimize your employee advocacy strategy in the long term. Contact us to find out more.

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