Employee Advocacy: Why Train Your Troops?

Employee Advocacy

Training Your Troops For Employee Advocacy Benefits

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Successful employee advocacy goes far beyond the launch of an employee advocacy platform. It involves establishing organizational roles and educating employees about how best to share company content on social media; all in order to develop not just the company’s online visibility, but also their own personal brand.

However social a company is to begin with or  however well its employees know social networks; there are always reasons for providing additional training. Both at the beginning of and  throughout an employee advocacy initiative. Of course, the objectives of training are different for each company; but here are some of the key reasons why it is always beneficial to train your troops.

Don’t Just Focus on Your Social Stars

Contrary to what you might think, not everybody is at ease on social media. But this doesn’t mean that when launching employee advocacy you should concentrate on those employees who are familiar with and comfortable using social networks. Employee advocacy involves a shift in company culture and as such, the full support and engagement of all those involved. So while the training you provide may not be the same for everyone, it should be designed to bring beginners up to speed and ensure everyone is on the same page in terms of accepted best practices and the brand image you wish to portray.

Employees Are the Gateway into Your Company

Why is communicating about brand image important? Because more and more often, social media users look to connect with companies through individual employees rather than official brand accounts. So the more people you have representing your brand online, the better. And the more skilled those employees are in engaging with audiences, the more fruitful those conversations will be. Training gives employees the confidence and awareness to act as company ambassadors online, safe in the knowledge that what they say reflects the overarching messages of your organization.



Protect Employees’ Image as well as Yours

If you think training is all about protecting your company’s online image, think again. It’s also about providing employees with skills that enable them to impart their own knowledge alongside company content, and as such to develop their own personal brand. Training helps employees understand the impact employee advocacy can have on their own professional profile; in both the present and the future. For example, it can be the difference between a blog post shared with no comment; and a blog post shared with a short introduction that provides additional context and value for audiences.

On social media, a company’s reputation is largely defined by the people who represent it. So when launching employee advocacy, it’s essential to invest time and effort in the people who are going to represent your brand. At Sociabble we offer a Customer Success program that provides support when evaluating and improving employees’ social media skills, as well as pre- and post-launch training workshops designed to maximize engagement levels. Contact us to find out more.

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