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Speak the Same Language as Your Global Employees with Sociabble’s Real Time Translation Option

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For global companies, language barriers often stand in the way of employee communications and employee advocacy. The solution has traditionally involved sending large-scale global communication in English, which frequently leaves non-English speakers feeling left out, or devoting considerable time and resources to internal translations. Neither of which is ideal. Both of which can hinder effective communication as a result. But starting November 1st, those problems will largely be a thing of the past. Because Sociabble is proud to offer a new option to activate real time translation for its users. Which means almost any user around the world will be able to read content available on the platform in their own language. And its all thanks to this groundbreaking new feature.


A Global Platform for Global Companies

Sociabble has always been committed to supporting global clients who want to manage large-scale communication. We help in a variety of ways, be it through our global/local administration capabilities, or our teams of helpful CSM’s stationed around the world. But with the new real time translation feature, the global potential for communication has reached a whole new level. Currently, companies in more than 80 countries use Sociabble for communications, including users who speak dozens of different languages. But with 60 languages supported by Sociabble’s new real time translation feature, the barriers to seamless communication that existed before will all but disappear. Therefore, translation is instant and nothing is lost. Information can flow freely between offices and employees that don’t share a common language. Companies can announce new policies, discuss campaigns, and issue reports, without barriers standing in the way. It’s a revolution in how international businesses use employee/internal communications.

It’s a new tool, in an already impressive global tool kit.


Only One of Many Global Features for Employee Communications

As mentioned, real time translation is only one aspect of a platform tailor-made for the communication needs of large, international companies. We designed Sociabble with their unique requirements in mind. To that end, the platform makes global communication simple and effective thanks to these unique features:

—The ability to manage global and local channels simultaneously, creating a better mix of worldwide and country-based news channels

—The option of designating administrators at both a global and local level, which allows information to be sorted by relevance on an international or regional basis

—The power to share content between subs through a controlled process

—A proven methodology for deploying large-scale, global initiatives, backed up by local, synchronized consulting teams


A Proven Track Record

Sociabble’s continued success with global deployments has already demonstrated its effectiveness as an international employee communications and advocacy platform. Our work with BNP Paribas is one of the more recent examples, although our list of international clients is extensive. And we continue to offer services and build relationships with global companies around the world. Our platform is tailor-made for their internal communications needs. We train our CSM team with their goals in mind.

To learn more about how Sociabble can help with your company’s global communications, click here. We’re always happy to chat.

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