Employer Branding: Where Do You Start?


Where To Start When It Comes To Employer Branding

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It’s something that was once at the back of every recruiter’s mind, but has since become a top priority: using social media not just to spread the word about job opportunities, but also to communicate about what it’s like to be a part of the organization. What makes your company tick? That’s the question you should look to answer when producing employer brand content. But because recruitment and marketing are two very different disciplines, content creation doesn’t always come naturally to HR teams. Here are the key areas to focus on when creating and promoting content that showcases your employer brand.

First Things First…What Is Your Employer Brand?

The first thing to think about when defining your employer brand is what makes your company a great place to work. This should be the driving focus of all employer brand content. As an organization, do you pride yourselves on collaboration? Then make a video that shows teamwork in action. Does a job at your company come with the possibility to travel? Write a blog series that follows current employees in different locations around the world. Is your company an active player at key industry events? Make sure you post about them as often as possible.

Define Network-Specific Objectives

Potential job candidates research companies on a wide range of social networks. But beyond being active on more than one channel, the way you communicate about your employer brand needs to be adapted to the specific characteristics of each social network. Twitter, for instance, is a great place to communicate about what happens within your company on a day-to-day basis, including “spur of the moment” posts. Facebook lends itself to the (native) promotion of video content, while LinkedIn may be where you communicate about events, awards and partnerships – content that focuses on overall company culture and positioning, rather than day-to-day insights.



Employee Advocacy for Employer Branding

Who better to communicate about your employer brand than the people who know it best? Empowering employees as ambassadors on social media allows you to boost the visibility of employer brand content organically. You can also expand your content library by inviting employees themselves to submit their own content, in the form of guest blog posts, photos taken at events, or short video interviews. To find out more about employee advocacy for employer branding, discover the Sociabble for HR solution.

Social recruitment is a two-way street. Just as individuals use social media to research and reach out to companies, the latter must communicate about their story and what it’s like to be a member of the team. So as recruiters, it’s in your best interests to produce and promote content that reflects your organization’s culture. The aim should be to present as clear an idea of the employer brand as possible – and if employees themselves have the opportunity to get involved in this, even better.

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