Engage Your Fans to Create a Unique Brand Image

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Engage Your Fans to Create a Unique Brand Image

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Social media has always been the land of self-expression. But now brands have started using it to express their own personalities. One of the most effective ways they do this is by calling on customers and leveraging the influence of their biggest fans.



Marketing Made Personal

Social media allows companies to interact with customers, to sustain more productive conversations and to personalize their brand image.  Engaging with consumers is one of the most powerful ways of driving brand-oriented conversations on social networks. Though users don’t want to be bombarded by overly corporate content; they are keen to interact with other individuals who share their tastes and interests.

Showcasing customer experiences is therefore far more lucrative than injecting social media accounts with technical jargon that most users won’t understand.  Even the largest companies need to show themselves capable of connecting with customers on a personal level; which is why many have already turned to the power of consumers by launching online campaigns, viral trends, and globally recognized hashtags.

Products Placed in Context

Social media users are incredibly open to talking about the products they use on a daily basis; especially when they have something to gain through doing so. Participating in campaigns, posting photos and talking about how, when and why they use products, are all examples of how consumers boost their own visibility; while at the same time engaging with and promoting the brands they know and love.

This personalized, consumer-driven form of marketing is one to which today’s social media users are particularly receptive.  Individuals are more likely to respond to those companies their connections are already engaging with.  This is why transforming existing fans into brand advocates is so effective; it creates a personalized brand image to which prospects can relate.

Building a connection with customers on social media is a win-win situation.  Not only is it an invaluable way of engaging existing customers and increasing their loyalty, it projects a trustworthy image that is more likely to attract new consumers and bolster brand awareness. Learn more about transforming your biggest fans into your best brand advocates with Sociabble.

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