Gartner: Every Employee Is a Digital Employee

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Gartner: Every Employee Is a Digital Employee

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Over the next several years, Gartner predicts an increase in “Shadow IT” investment: IT spending that occurs outside the consolidated IT budget. Why? Because more business units buy, own, and operate IT resources with little or no assistance from the IT department. According to Gartner, attempting to contain this trend is “not only futile; but a waste of valuable talent in the workforce.”

The Digital Employee

“Today’s employees possess a greater degree of digital dexterity,” says Matt Cain, research vice president at Gartner. “They operate their own wireless networks at home, attach and manage various devices, and use apps and web services in almost every facet of their personal lives.”



Rather than trying to fight the tide of shadow IT, Gartner suggests a biomodal approach. A strategy designed to “satisfy the ever-increasing demands of digitally savvy business units and employees; while ensuring that critical IT infrastructure and services remain stable and uncompromised.”

“Organizations that formally embrace and extend the digital competencies of their employees will experience improved business outcomes and gain competitive advantage,” explains Cain. “The trick, however, will be to ensure that employees willingly embrace new technology, rather than feel threatened by it.”

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