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What is the Perfect Content Mix for Employee Communications? Introducing the Content Rule of Thirds

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When it comes to internal communication, curating a diverse content mix is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Informed employees are generally happier and more productive. Engaged employees are a brand’s best advocates. And keeping employees informed and engaged means supplying them with a rich and relevant variety of content. Third-party articles, competitive reports, industry updates, even company photos—you need to keep them informed with a single, steady stream of useful and interesting news. But how do you know which mix is best? At Sociabble, we often suggest using the Content Rule of Thirds.


According to the Content Rule of Thirds, the perfect content mix is:


1/3 Company News

There’s always something newsworthy going on at any business. This is your chance to showcase it and keep your employees informed. New campaigns, new deployments, new hires, new offices—these are all worth communicating, especially across different departments who may not have contact on a daily basis. But it’s important to keep in mind that sources should be both internal and external. Compelling third-party content from public feeds drives employee engagement, and gives a different perspective on what’s happening at your company. If a news outlet covers a company event, or if a respected voice in your arena comments on your brand, this is the chance to share it with the people who matter most.


1/3 Industry News

Keeping tabs on what’s happening within the industry ecosystem is a key part of business success. And it pays for employees to know what’s going on in their sector. Making sure 1/3 of your content is industry related can help ensure everyone is up to speed on the general trends taking place in the market. But don’t forget—industry news should involve developments with competitors as well as partners. Knowing what’s happening with associated companies gives relevancy to your updates. It takes a subject that would otherwise be academic and gives it a real-world sense of connection.


 1/3 Daily Life

If the 1/3 Company News portion is the macro version of what’s happening at your company, think of this as the more personalized, micro version. This is your chance to show the human side of your brand. Also, this is a great opportunity to employ more user generated content via social media. That can mean using badges, quizzes, and polls to connect directly with employees. They’re the most important asset at every company—so make sure they know their voices are heard. And don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it. Company events and outings are something to celebrate. Post those pictures and share those comments. All of this will help build a strong company culture—one that employees can feel like they are a part of.

So there you have the Content Rule of Thirds. Put it into practice in your internal communication, and see for yourself how it can increase your reach and enhance your levels of employee engagement. And if you’d like to learn how Sociabble can help improve your content mix—and your employee communications overall, why not try a free demo?


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