3 Tips for Mastering the Hybrid Nature of Online Reputation

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3 Tips for Mastering the Hybrid Nature of Online Reputation

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As a company, your online reputation is primarily influenced by two factors. These include branded communication and what people say about you on social media and other digital channels. Your online reputation is therefore hybrid in nature.

Online research is an integral aspect of both B2B and B2C buying processes. Beyond exploring brand profiles, internet users look to see what others are saying about the companies who spark their interest. Such research informs and can even sway purchasing decisions. The question is, how can you as a company protect your online reputation when the words of others influence it so heavily?

1 – Encourage User Conversations

It’s incredibly easy for internet users (especially on social media) to exchange information and opinions about companies; which is something brands themselves need to embrace. Online consumers look for authentic information that can help them to make informed purchasing decisions. They also trust user recommendations far more than traditional online ads.

Therefore, it’s in your company’s best interests to invite and encourage your online audience to talk about you on social media. Launching a brand advocacy program for employees, customers and / or partners is one of the most effective ways of doing this.

2 – Face Up to Bad Buzz

Social media, and Twitter in particular, is fast becoming the go-to place for consumers looking to provide feedback; some of which might not be positive. Even the most successful brands receive bad reviews. But when handled effectively, complaints can provide a roadmap on where and how your company needs to improve.

When bad buzz does arrive, the relevant team needs be on hand to address customers’ concerns and provide support. Focus on addressing negative feedback through the provision of expertise and the speedy implementation of solutions. When dealt with well, bad buzz can actually serve as good press that enhances your online reputation.



3 – Don’t Just Speak: Listen

One of the best ways of maintaining a strong online reputation is to act on what people say about your company. Customers are sharing an increasing amount of information with brands; which in turn allows you to obtain additional insights into how to develop and improve your products, services, and online activity.

When monitoring how your company is perceived online, it’s important to consider the style and impact of brand communication, as well as conversations that take place between individual users. Not everything is controllable. But being aware of when, where, and why your company is being mentioned makes it a whole lot easier to track; as well as strengthen your brand’s online reputation.

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