The missing link in your employee communications

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Announcing a New White Paper: The Missing Link in Your Employee Communications

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At Sociabble, improving employee communications is something we’re passionate about. And whenever there’s an opportunity to share our ideas on the subject, we jump at the chance. Which is why we are excited to present our latest publication, “The Missing Link in Your Employee Communications,” as both a white paper and as a webinar. The publication explains how companies can evolve their internal communications for the world of today. A world in which time is limited, and information is everywhere. A world where people are always on the go. Below are the major ideas we explore.


The Problem: Too much information, too little time.

To keep your employees informed and engaged, you have to get their attention online. However, this often means standing out among giants like Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn. This, when personal internet time is limited to begin with. Common hurdles that this white paper explores include:


– Inefficient use of communication tools (intranets, newsletters, enterprise social networks)

– Bland content mix that doesn’t drive engagement

– Jumbled content streams that mix global and local updates

– Disconnected employees who don’t use traditional online tools


The Solution: Our thinking about employee communications has to evolve.

The way employees gather and sort and process information has changed rapidly in recent years. Therefore, companies have to change with the times to reach employees and keep them engaged. They have to adapt, to rethink their tools. They need to change the way they think about employee communications. It does take a little work, although it’s not at all insurmountable. Because it’s simply a matter of being smart about your strategy. In this white paper, we’ll explain:


– The key factors for launching a successful employee advocacy initiative

– How to reconnect with your frontline workforce

– The right content mix to engage your employees

– Techniques to help your communications become employee-centric

– Ways to optimize and integrate your existing tools


To read the white paper in its entirety and discover how your company can evolve its internal communications strategy, click here. And if you’d like to download the webinar, click here.

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