A Morning Dedicated to Digital Transformation, with FrenchWeb and Sociabble


A Morning Dedicated to Digital Transformation with FrenchWeb and Sociabble

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A Morning Dedicated to Digital Transformation, with FrenchWeb and Sociabble


On Tuesday May 17th 2016, Sociabble will take part in an online event dedicated to digital transformation, organized by tech innovation magazine FrenchWeb. Sociabble CEO Jean-Louis Bénard will speak about the three levels of digital transformation for employees; an area that is often overlooked.

Successful digital transformation is often spoken about in terms of multi-channel, data-driven client relations; the launch of new services designed to counteract the “Uberization” of a sector, or integration within an ecosystem of innovative startups. Examples of success that focus on the digital transformation of employees themselves are a lot harder to come by.

During Tuesday’s online event Jean-Louis Bénard will present the three stages of digital transformation for employees; including key challenges, possible solutions, and concrete examples. The talk will take place at 10:45am French time (the event itself kicks off at 10am). Also, anybody can watch online by registering here.

“Involving 1000, 10 000 or even 100 000 employees in a digital transformation initiative is far from simple,” explains Jean-Louis Bénard. “We can tell ourselves we’ve done a good job by giving everyone smartphones and tablets, or by focusing on one-off successes. But creating a truly global movement is anything but easy, and the same goes for measuring ROI. Nevertheless, it’s an essential route that companies need to take as soon as possible.”



How does digital transformation take place? What are the best examples? During this event, a number of industry experts will answer these questions and others. In order to give as comprehensive an insight as possible into what digital transformation is; and why it’s crucial for all companies moving forward.

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